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Who would you like to see spotlighted in the next flutter interview?

Asked by AstroChuck (37420points) July 7th, 2008 from iPhone

Okay. I can hear you saying, “Why AstroChuck, we would like to see you!” I know, I know. But that’s obvious and goes without saying. Thank you, by the way.
So let’s go with your second choice then.
Me? I’d like to see johnpowell, richardhenry, Marina, PnL, lefteh, seesul, harp, scamp, playthebanjo…hell, everyone. But I think my first pick has got to be the grand dame herself, fluther matriarch gailcalled.
Hey! This is my 100th question on fluther! Hooray for me!

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In addition to your list of extremely interesting flutherites, I’d like to see what wildflower has to say.

And of course I’d want to read an interview of you!

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I’d like to see Beast.

Or PupnTaco.

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PnL always has something interesting to say

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Of course, that should read fluther interview, not flutter. Damn iPhone predictive text.

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I’d love to see gailcalled as well! You are right Chuck, she certainly is grand!

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I will agree with the vote for gailcalled, and also for PnL and johnpowell

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wildflower, klaas4, and vincent pushed me, the omniscient iwamoto, forward, someone from europe should be interesting right ?

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Also a great choice!

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/me taking notes

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Why Astrochuck, we would like to see you!

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Osullivanbr…such a character!
Astrochuck…such a character!
iwamoto (even though he has “begged” quite a bit…LOL)!

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Or Harp or Phoenyx.

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I say Harp as well.

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maybe if you give it to iwamoto he’ll shut up about it. Maybe johnpowell will paypal him twenty bucks if he stops mentioning it~

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Yeah, did JP ever pay that girl her twenty bucks? How bout it JP?

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One left the site (as far as I know) and the other stopped asking the annoying questions, so he didn’t have to spend the $20!

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Aww why thank you AstroChuck! I am honored to be part of your list. I would like to second the other people on it of course. In addition, I would love to see an interview of you, yes you and phoenyx! There are tons of other people, but I can only think of you two right now. I also think that we should start with perhaps the older members (in terms of when they joined, not age) since they have long being paying their dues.

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(any repeats I mention, consider seconded from above)

@Marina, @PnL, @Delirium, @Riser, @Kevbo, @johnpowell, @lefteh, @TheHaight, @Perchik, @glial, @sndfreQ, @richardhenry, @omfgTALIjustIMDu, @nikipedia…

Aw hell, my entire My Fluther group.

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gailcalled or playthebanjo.

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20 bucks ? that’s like…13 euro’s or something…german accent “wee zoont need you amerikaner money, all wie want izz your loyal obedience, GA GA GA GA GAAA!”

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Astrochuck, gailcalled, PnL, Marina, harp, wildflower, scamp, and delirium. Not in any order of precedence, either.

edit: Pup’nTaco too.

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As a reward to all my fluther brothers and sisters who submitted names, some lurve.
All good choices. I listed quite a few but could have gone on. I agree with PnL. I think the powers that be should do a few of the longtimers on fluther. I also agree with iwamoto, that it would be nice to see someone from Europe. And Aussies and Kiwis as well, not just on this side of the pond.

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kevbo. I’m always at his “beckon call”

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i say shock! Guess that makes one :P

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I was never told where to send the $20.

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It’s ok, johnpowell. Just giving you shit! ;-P

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I say PnL first, then Marina, Delirium, Cheebdragon, Astrochuck, Playthebanjo, richardhenry, jp and iwamoto

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Lefteh and I will gossip over coffee and come up with more…

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I’d love to read about any of the active users on here – and would be delighted if the interview was expanded a bit…..the previous ones were a bit short-ish.

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I second what wildflower says. Expanding the interview would be great!. Also, an iPhone version of the interview and all the other fluther extras would be welcome.

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Speaking of iphones… How about an iPhone compatible version of the podcast that we could view wirelessly?(youtube or QuickTime format) I had to wait two days to see it, for I was away from my desktop.

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you can’t really make an ipod compatible podcast, can you?~

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PnL please! lol, everyone here rocks, but PnL has something

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Were not podcasts developed specifically for the iPod?

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@shockvalue I think the statment was meant to be funny

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Marina, Gailcalled, Delirium, PnL… if they haven’t been interviewed already.

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All girls PnT? Don’t you want to learn more about the men that fluther ;)

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Nah, I got men all figured out.

Women are an eternal mystery. :)

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And don’t think that the fluther interview is going to shed any light on the enigma that is female.

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“true dat” as they say.

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