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What's a "2nd" interview like?

Asked by pleiades (6566points) July 26th, 2014

What can I expect from the final interview?

So I interviewed with the director of digital marketing with a particular company and he passed me onto the next step which is an interview with the HR department. There will be 3 panels (I have no clue why haha, it’s not like a top tier job anyhow, it’s very entry level in digital marketing as a photographer)

Also, I interviewed with a small beard like this but with cleaner lines

I wonder if I should just completely shave it off for the HR interview or should I be in the ok seat?

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Sorry I tried editing OP to “final” interview* but I keep getting forbidden error.

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Good. The quotation marks around “2nd” and “final” are incorrect use of punctuation here.

If the clean beard is part of who you are, leave it. Neat and trimmed, please.

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