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Computer experts I need your help! (more details inside)

Asked by dina_didi (1276points) July 26th, 2014

I have an HP Pavillion g6 notebook and it has problems. It began a few months ago. When I try to run a game, the screen has mixed colors and after that a blue screen appears. Then it shuts down and keeps restarting all the time. Also sometimes when I move my notebook, when I place it down it stops working and reboots. I sent it for service but they told me that the problem was that it had dust. Some days later it happened again, so that was not the problem. What could be the problem? Has that happened to you?

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Bad memory (RAM) or a bad chip on the graphics card.

Give more information:

How much memory is it supposed to have?
How much memory does it say it detects?

Go into device manager (control panel) – are there any yellow exclamation points? Look at display adapters. Is it showing “generic display adapter” or is it showing the display adapter that is supposed to be in the laptop?

Was the laptop dropped? Open the back and make sure that the RAM cards are pushed all the way into the angled slots.

Somewhere you have a memory problem. The question is: where.

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My RAM memory is 3GB. My laptop began having that problem after I dropped a large pen on the keyboard. I tried to check the RAM cards but it was very hard to open, so I checked if the hard drive was on the right place. So you suggest I should check the RAM cards? I hope this is the problem and there is no part malfunctioning…

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Is possible something is loose?

Maybe there are some programs you can download to run diagnostic tests with.

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@CuriousLoner do you know any program to check it?

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@dina_didi No I’ve never used any personally(Didn’t have a need to). Maybe the other computer gurus can suggest some or other ideas.

I did find this though.

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@dina_didi – yes, I suggest opening the back and checking the cards. Usua;;y 7–8 tiny little screws on the bottom of the laptop.

If you’re not comfortable doing it (and you don’t have a set of teeny screwdrivers) you might want to invest in the tools and consider it a learning experience.

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Go to local disk C, there should be a minidump folder or file, upload that somewhere and link it here, it will let us see more in depth what caused the BSOD

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If you suspect memory problems, you can download a bootable CD which contains a program to test the RAM. I recommend Memtest86+, which is included with many (most?) Linux installation CDs. You could download a Debian Live CD – it should come with the Memtest program, as well as many other useful diagnostic utilities.

The first thing, though, is to find information about the crash. Follow @XOIIO advice and let’s see if we can get some diagnostic data. You never know, it could be something as simple as a corrupted driver you can just reinstall… more information is needed.

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I ran WhoCrashed on my notebook and the conclusion was that. If you need the complete report tell me. Should I fix something on the drivers?

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Well, a corrupt or out-of-date display driver could be expected to cause display problems… I think the next step is to check for updates to those two drivers and install / reinstall them if necessary.

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