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You are given money to purchase or build a seafaring vessel with a mast, which sailing vessel will you build?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) July 26th, 2014

You come into major money (details on how not important), the only stipulation is that you must purchase or build a mast sailing vessel with it. What type will you build, for instance a sloop, ketch, schooner, trimaran, etc.? How long will she sit at the waterline? To remind you, you have to purchase or build a ship with sails as the primary power; no cigarette boats, power cruisers, etc.

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A Trireme.

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Here I thought you would try to sneak a Klingon Bird of Prey in the mix ~~

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Sloop. Low rider, fast, least amount of sails to mess with and looks kick ass.

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Interesting you should ask. I have a few very indulgent things I’d like to do for myself and my daughter if I ever could afford them. One involves the purchase of a sailship.
I would like to have a brig style ship, sweet for leisurly sailing up and down a coast.
My idea is for a birthday party. If I could buy a brig, keep it a secret, then for my daughter’s birthday I would rent a sloop for a birthday party.We would have a lunch, cake, presents on board. I would have actors hired to man my brig, name to be decided later. It would have to be something clever or exotic to mean lucky lady.
During the party, the actors (dressed as pirates) would approach our rental on board my brig, issue threats, take prisoners, take the presents, all would be transferred to my ship, except the guy piloting the rental, so he can take it back.
A hero pops in from nowhere, sends all the pirates overboard, did I mention I’ll be hiring actors who can swim? ( The sloop guy picks them up when we’ve cleared the area.
A treasure chest is found in the stateroom containing those $1 gold coins, and some sparkly baubles, all to be divided between the party guests. There will be drinks found stashed in a barrel of ice, sparkling cider and rootbeer in those bottles which look like beer bottles and wine bottles.
Can I plan a shindig, or what?
The brig style ship, a two masted beauty, designed as a warship, would require some interior modification to include a generous galley instead of storage for gunpowder.
Sparred length: 198 ft
Hull length at the water line: 110.5 ft
Height of the Foremast: 113 ft 4 in
Height of the Mainmast: 118 ft 4 in
Of course the parents of my party goers would be informed, once their girls are under way, and video would be filmed so all can be revisited later.
Should I borrow a capuchin, or maybe a parrot?
Yes, the local authorities would be informed.

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A schooner.

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This 48’ ketch. Comfortable, capable of distance, Sparkman Stevens design. I would live aboard.

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I’d build a little Kon-Tiki style vessel.

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@Tropical_Willie @canidmajor As they say in Jaws, “You are gonna need a bigger boat”; as nice as they may be, they are not 80 ft at the waterline…...just saying…...

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@Hypocrisy_Central : I have done extended blue-water sailing on 35 footers, 48 is a luxury size for me! :-)

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80 foot at the waterline and a CREW of SEVEN.

Not want I want!

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