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Will Capsule hotels come to Canada or the USA in the near future?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) July 26th, 2014

Also will they be the right size for the big and tall? Capsule hotel

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That looks ridiculous. And no, I do not see these catching on here in the US or Canada. We kinda like having space to ourselves.

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It seems more complicated than a hotel room, honestly. But still pretty cool.

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Obviously they are so popular in Japan because they’re meeting a genuine need because of trying to cram all those people onto one tiny island.

Both the US and Canada have tons more space so there is no genuine need for cramming people that tightly into a small compact space. There’s just no need for them and the majority of people wouldn’t pay any money to be jammed in like sardines.

And if it’s not something the majority of the public would pay money for, it just wouldn’t be financially successful. It mightt perhaps be tried as a novelty item in someplace more crowded like NYC, but even that would be too risky an investment for most business owners to gamble serious money upon with no real clear need.

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It might if they can give these capsules at super low prices. 30 bucks a night in my favorite NYC and I am in-! : )

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Personally speaking, I wouldn’t care how cheap it is. There’s no way I’d check into one. I have an aversion to enclosed spaces.

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Probably not as extreme as the capsules, but America already has small hotel rooms for naps, sometimes referred to as pods, in airports. Here is a link to Minute Suites, which basically is a very small room with a small bed and a desk. Aimed at travelers with long layovers who want a nap or to get some work done in a private place. I know the one in Atlanta is right down on the gate level so the traveler does not need to exit and then have to worry about going through security again, which would be the case for a regular airport hotel.

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