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Which part of the house would you rather hang out in?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36077points) July 27th, 2014

In checking out the house we’re interested in, Rick noted that there were 2 bedrooms in the basement and said, “I know where I want my office! The basement!”
My ex, and the guy I dated for a long time after my divorce also had a penchant for basements. Is that a guy thing? I’d rather be up where it’s light and airy and can see outside. A second story room with a view would be perfect.
So, where would you prefer to hang out?

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Anywhere that’s temperature controlled and quiet. A room where i can play my records and my videos and not bother anyone. Basement sounds pretty good.

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If we’re just talking offices, I think I’d rather have the basement room. Less distractions down there. Right now, I’m house sitting. The office is in the upstairs spare bedroom. It’s boiling hot, because there is no air conditioner so I have the window open. What’s the problem with that? Well, for the last hour, the people that live behind here, have been bickering. The other house, that’s next door to them has a chicken (even though we’re in the burbs) and the other day, there was a police helicopter flying over shouting down un-intelligible instructions. It’s been a bit loud. It’s so bright outside that it hurts my eyes. I want to close the shade, but then it would be way too hot.

In general, I like hanging out in the great room, if there is one. The combo family room and kitchen.

This is a nice great room!

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See, I just don’t like the wide open thing. I don’t know why. I want to be in one room at a time.

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My favorite three rooms are my TV room, home office, and guest room (which I use as a nap room).

One or two times a day my bathroom is my absolutely favorite room!

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I prefer a 2nd story bedroom as long as it is temp controlled. And the neighbors aren’t loud and annoying. Otherwise I’d like a basement as long as IT was temp controlled and finished.

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Kitchen and living room.

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I’m a guy. I don’t like being in the dark, windowless basement. I prefer the kitchen.; I have my laptop in the table and placed so I can look at it and glance out the window without moving my head. It is south facing so the view is light, bright and airy.

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I’d hang out in the bathroom, and when someone would come in to poop I’d be like, hey man, need some help with that?

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Honestly, outside in the yard.

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downstairs…... kitchen/laundry/great room/office

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I like my tv room, which doubles as a guest room. Second floor, two nice windows. There’s a bookshelf, comfy couch and chair, and a 50” tv.

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One of the reasons that I love apartment living is that there is no basement! He would not have to fight me for that space. I like to be where it’s bright and there’s airflow. That’s where my comfiest furniture goes.

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I would prefer to hang out on the screened front porch (where I would also prefer all summer meals, including during thunderstorms if it’s not blowing too badly), or the boathouse. Failing that, the home theater, the boathouse or the garage are acceptable alternatives.

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I don’t want the basement! As I said, I like air so I want to be able to open the windows without anyone coming in. Luckily I’ve never had a bedroom on the ground level or below.

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I don’t have a basement or an attic. I have lots of places I like to hangout in this house. If I had a new house I’d love to have an attic with a window with a view and lots of bookcases.

I’ve always imagined having a little place of my own out the back where I can write and read. I’ve always fancied a renovated old-fashioned caravan or railway carriage… it’s never going to happen though.

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For a study or family room, overlooking what I consider to be the best view, preferably with a window or door that can be left open in moderate weather. For a bedroom I prefer to sleep on a second floor.

Actually, I prefer being one flight up for everything, funny that the house I am building is one story on the ground.

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Not far from my house is the home of Eleanor Roosevelt (historic home, obviously she no longer lives there haha). Her bedroom was one flight up in the tree tops. That seemed to me to be a perfect spot.

I also used to live in a big old Victorian with lots of big windows, and the kitchen and my bedroom were three flights up, overlooking the tree tops. Perfect spot for me.

However, in the summer, a good friend has a finished basement, and when I visit her and we go down there in the coolness, to me, that feels perfect, if even for a few hours.

In my own house, I am always hanging out in the bedroom, or in the summer, I’m on the deck under the umbrella when I can be.

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@jca Your kitchen was three flights up? Did the house have a dumbwaiter?

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My family room. It has the stereo, TV and piano.

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The basement is good for me. Dark, possibly gloomy, spiderwebs. No sun.

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There is such a thing as electricity, @UnholyThirst. You can turn on lights and stuff, unless you just want to sit in the dark with nothing to do.

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@Dutchess_III I see nothing wrong with darkness.

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Yeah, if you’re sleeping. But if you’re awake you can’t read or crochet or do anything except just sit there in the darkness trying to sacrifice cats you can’t see to catch. But, whatever trips your trigger.

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@UnholyThirst Vitamin D deficiency, for one.

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@JLeslie: The house was my grandparents, and we lived in separate apartment upstairs. House was built on a hill (banks of Hudson River in a very hilly NY city) so there were two extra stories in the back than in the front. We lived one flight up but in the back, it was 3 stories above ground plus the back of the basement was above ground, so it was actually 4 stories up. For that reason, when I was a teenager, climbing in and out of the bedroom window was not something I would do. I thought about it, and then I thought about how I didn’t want to die.

Because house was an old Victorian built on a hill, the formal living room and dining room were on the ground floor and the kitchen and bathroom were actually downstairs.

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@Dutchess_III Sacrifice cats???? How old are you?

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When was it built @jca?

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Late 1800’s, @Dutchess_III. I have pic on FB – I will tag you in it.

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Cool. Did it have all kinds of secret spaces and stuff?

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In our rec room that’s where the TV and the computers are.

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@Dutchess_III: Yes, lots of hiding spots, lots of porches (front porch, back porch, side porch), great mahogany, great stained glass windows, great hardware and lighting fixtures.

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Oh, man! The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!

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@Dutchess_III and @JLeslie: I tagged you guys on FB with the photo of this house.

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Saw it. Just beautiful!

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So where you see hedges on the left side of the house, that’s really the second floor from the sides and back, but it’s the ground floor in the front.

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@jca I was just thinking about bringing the groceries up all those stairs. Way back in the day they didn’t do mega grocery trips like we do now.

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@JLeslie: When it was a one family house, it would be bringing the groceries DOWN the stairs. Even with it being two family house, our kitchen was one floor up, so it wasn’t bad.

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Oh, ok, one floor up, I don’t know why I thought it was two floors up, but now I see the main floor was in essence the second floor if you count all the floors the house had. I do that now, I carry my groceries one floor up. It’s a pain, but not terrible.

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@jca hah! That’s so weird!

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