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What to do after a hard longboard fall?

Asked by hlefox (12points) July 27th, 2014


So I’ve been longboarding for a while and never fallen badly, until yesterday. I was going down a big hill I thought I could take, started wobbling, bailed and bit it on the concrete. I rolled a bit but mostly slid, so I scraped up my right side pretty badly. My head only has a small small small bump, so I don’t think i got a concussion. It didn’t hurt that much at the time, I wasn’t even that shaken. However, today, my left side and all my joints are /killing/ me. Every time I bend over I get dizzy and sometimes tunnel vision, and I have a splitting headache in the back of my skull when standing.

Does this sound serious and do you think I have a concussion or just typical trauma from a bad fall? Do you know how long the soreness will stay? Is there anything I should be doing right now to get better? It’s only been a day, so half of me feels it will get better tomorrow, but if any else has had a similar situation, lemme know.

Sorry it’s a big question, and thanks for any help you can offer!

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