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If you could drive any car in the world, what would it be and why?

Asked by AlienS (11points) July 7th, 2008
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for myself a VW R32 with a stage 3 kit. Something about 400hp in a hatchback I’d fun. I pick that one cause the first time I drove it I fell in love.

And a famiy car would be a jeep commander because of the room it has.

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If you’re referring to an impractical, golly-gee-whiz roadster, I would have to go with the Bugatti Veyron. I shore like it, a lot.
If you’re referring to a practical grocery-getter, I do believe I’m currently driving it. Yay for me!

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@Knot: ooooo, so pretty! And LOL, I hear ya about the “grocery-getter”!
I have always had the “grocery go getter” (I always have Consumer Reports’ safe car). That being said, I have always wanted the VW Beetle. Not practical bot oh so cute!
Oh yeah, I’ve reached that “magic number”!

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I’m going to buy one of these someday.

thebeadholder: I’ve got a blue vee-dub. It is cute.. and I do love it. <3
Edit: And by the way, it is kind of practical. It’s got a HUGE trunk – bigger than I expected. It’s not a 4-door, but it does have space. My 6’ 1’’ friend could sit in the back.

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@Allie: I’m jealous ;-)

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Oh, but I do hope we are moving this way and not this!

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tbh: I’ll admit that I like Hummers. I like the looks and space and stuff like that, but I’d never get one with the one foot/gal thing.

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@Allie: I’ve been in that backseat…not practical with two kiddies. Maybe when they go to high school or off to college! That’s about 10+ years from now :-(

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Now I’m not a car person, but whenever I see some one get out of a really nice car, one that makes me think, I want what that person has, I always look around the back, and find it’s a BMW.

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1969 Volkswagon Bug with an automatic stick shift, I had one once, but it was smashed by a drunk driver. I still miss that car.

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This, what’s not to like?

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All things considered, I still love that car.

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Gruz06 & PnT: Both very nice.

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Bugatti Veyron

It’s not everyday that you can say, ”$1.4 got me from zero to 60 in 2.46 seconds and from a bank account balance of $35.00 to -$1,399,965 in less than 1.1 seconds”

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A1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL “Gullwing” Coupe. And if you’ve seen one you don’t need to ask why.

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for now it would be the law enforcement Crown Victoria, like to feel like a cop or maybe even a tuff Sheriff Deputy, je je. And while driving behind others, I’d feel as if I’m following them.

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I’d like to drive a Saleen S7. It’s an amazing car.

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@PupnTaco: nice car…congrats! I enjoyed reading your blog all about it. What a beautiful car (wouldn’t mind that one myself).

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Bristol Fighter T

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I want my 1984 Subaru back. Right now I have a ‘79 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon (I don’t have a picture of mine, alas, but it’s a lot like this one, only a yellow/beige color) which I absolutely adore. I love old, ugly, crappy cars. I will always always have one. However, I’d love to have either a vintage Bentley or a brand new Chrysler 300. Or a Mustang. From any year. Damn, I love those cars.

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The one people will be using 300 years from now. Because I have no idea what the hell its going to be.

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Or how about on of these? Runs on hydrogen and emits nothing but water vapor.

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ooh, I agree with Spargett…

But if I had choose one of today’s cars,

Either a Chevy Silverado, Ford Edge, or a Dodge Avenger

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a car that gets 100 mpg or 1000 miles between charges.

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I drive this for leaving the city and this one to hit the office every morning :) happy enough so far…

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