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Please help me with my Homework?

Asked by Vikz (8points) July 28th, 2014

Hello Guys i am having a problem in my work. I was given a task to make a powerpoint presentation about any mathematical topic i have to make up to 10 slides please give me any suggestion on a easy topic or if you have already done this task please send it as an attachment in my email vikzsaple@yahoo.com. Thanks

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Welcome to fluther. We don’t answer homework questions, but we do help out. Any area of math interest you?

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Not so much

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Math in and of itself actually is a bit boring, but it is also the building block of many things that are interesting. For instance, my job; using a computer-controlled machine like this to cut metal into complex objects with great precision. It also allows me to save myself a lot of money by doing certain things myself instead of paying others hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.

The main reason I bothered to learn the complex math that I have isn’t because I like math, but because I like doing the stuff that can only be done if you know the numbers. Think about that for a bit and see what sort of ideas that gives you.

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