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I can't urinate?

Asked by LaceyHamilton (99points) July 28th, 2014

I am a 13year old female. I haven’t been able to urinate for almost 24 hours. I have been drinking fluids, and eating normally. It is slightly painful in my bladder area, but I just can’t seem to urinate. What should I do?

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Turn on the water in the sink while sitting on the toilet. Try pouring warm water between your legs while you’re sitting on the toilet. Another idea is take a pad of toilet paper and press it against your pee hole and hold it there while you try to pee. There’s something about the mild pressure that sometimes works. If you don’t like the idea of peeing on your fingers, wear a rubber glove.

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Call your doctor, stat. That’s way too long to be screwing around on a web site. That sounds scary.

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Go to the ER.

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Thank you guys very much, I am going very soon. I appreciate your help!

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Anything that could be related to your kidneys is nothing to mess with. You could have a serious problem in a hurry.

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We Are FLUTHER A.M.D (Amateur Medical Determinators)

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I would not drink any more liquid but go to an after hours clinic or similar, they will probably catheterise you to drain the urine, the same thing happened to me 10 years ago. You may find the catheterisation process embarrassing but when you are really bursting and the bladder is in pain it is a huge relief to have the urine drained away.

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Don’t go to the ER! That could cost you upwards of $1000. Go to one of those “doc in the box” places around town. Sounds like you have a bladder infection.

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@kritiper $1000? Truly? God forbid!

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Bladder infections make you urinate more often, not less. But don’t mess around with this. Bladders will burst, then you’ll be in for more than a clinic er charge.

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