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Is this a healthy solution to severe knee pain?

Asked by Aster (18187points) July 28th, 2014

I know a man who is 75, 5’10” tall and very thin. Most of his active life he was a size 34 in the waist. He has severe knee pain and walks bent over then makes noises and pained facial expressions when he sits down. I’d say his waist is 30”. He says he “wants to lose another fifteen pounds” to help the pressure on his knees. Just how skinny is unhealthy, if at all, and why? I think he weighs 135 lb.

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@Aster your friend has 15 years on me and I have 65lbs on him. I am trying to get down to about 175 again for the same reason. I feel that 120 lbs for someone his height is too light.
His knee pain probably isn’t from the stress of hauling around too much poundage; it is probably osteoarthritis, possibly tendonitis or bursitis but probably the former.
A trip to the clinic may be in order to determine the actual cause of the pain. Most can be treated with medication for some relief if not total curing.

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At that weight that isn’t his problem. Activity is the best thing, like riding a bike, even if it’s a stationary one. Or play a lot of golf. Walking on grass is good for the knees. I know, both of mine are shot.

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Also, you are never too old to get on an exercise regime to strengthen the surrounding muscles but since he already hurts, he will have to start slow and easy and build up. Here is a page listing the various muscles involved and some you probably would not think about helping with relief (tell him to stay away from the 3” stiletto heels).

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I agree with the others, weight isn’t his problem. My mom weighs about 85 pounds (age 90) and her knees bother her no end, have for twenty years, and it’s arthritis and a just worn out meniscus.

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My hubs has had 3 knee surgeries. Voltaren gel, & heating pad will help. He’s about 140lbs.

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I’d say lift some weights (under the guidance of a doctor and/or trainer)... not lose weight.

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135 pounds is borderline underweight. That’s a BMI of 19. I had one knee scoped and if I’m not active with walking and/or running it gets weak and starts to bother me.

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I agree with the previous responses that weight isn’t causing his knee problems.

He needs to see a good orthopedic specialist who will also do X-Rays to see how much cartilage is left in his knee joints.

If he is not yet a candidate for knee replacement then there are treatments like Synvisc injections (and the PROPER exercises) which may be helpful to him.

But without an accurate look at his knee joints it’s just guessing in the dark. He needs to get to a Doctor to first get an accurate diagnosis and THEN decide on a course of action (which is unlikely to involve weight loss.)

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