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Do you put the dog outside when you eat at the table or just ignore its begging?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) July 28th, 2014

If I don’t leave her outside or in another room while we eat, she will be jumping up and down, clawing at the table or at me begging even when she has been fed beforehand! Do you leave your dog outside when you eat?

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My dog knows better than to beg….she lays on the floor away from the table and just stares and quietly drools

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Prince would wiat under th table until we were done and then start pacing around for his scraps. Frodo never got people food and didn’t connect my eating with his.

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Edit: “wait” and “the”

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My husband says that Daisy begs, but all she does is sit at your feet and stare at you and whatever you’re eating. Definitely no jumping, snatching, clawing, etc. Her staring at me doesn’t bother me, so I don’t see any problem with it, but my husband hates it. She usually only does it when I’m eating and, of course, that’s my fault because I have been known to give her pieces of meat from my plate. The only time Daisy is outside, though, is when we’re with her. We don’t have a fenced in backyard, so we can’t stick her outside when she does something we don’t like.

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Sometimes the dog begs and we let it. It usually gives up after a few min.

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My dogs are trained to stay out of the room in which we are eating. It took a bit of work early on, and no people food ever, but it makes for much easier mealtimes.

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Same answer as @Cruiser.

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We fed our dog as we were being seated. We would put a little scrap od fat trimmings, or a bone, or some tidbit from dinner with his food to appease that desire from smelling ours. Sometimes, if there was an extra bone, we’d save it for meals when we haven’t anything to share, like homemade spaghetti
There is never enough homemade spaghetti to share with the dog.

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My dogs are trained to lay on their beds while I eat. They get a treat afterward as long as they ignore my food.

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Our dog knew not to beg – not getting anything. But we had messy kids, so he understood “Clean up!”. Also, he always hoped that guests did not know the rules, so would beg from them.

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Neither. I trained him to only expect to be fed from his bowl. So, after dinner, he wpuid get occasional tidbits in his food bowl once we had finished
eating. And even then, I put
him in a Sit-Stay while
scraping the food into his bowl
so he wouldn’t be knocking
me over as he rushed the

When you’re dealing with a
German Shepherd weighing
over a hundred pounds, you
realize the necessity for proper
training very quickly. And it
makes life so much more
pleasant for both dog and

It’s been a good many years since I’ve had a dog, and I must confess that one of my cats used to sit and faithfully follow with her eyes every morsel of food from my plate to fork to mouth. Never wavered her glance. You’d think she was at a tennis match.

She was the only cat I had who was that extremely food obsessed. And of course I indulged her. Have you ever known a cat to eat tomatoes? She would if I gave her a small piece. She was a real nut :)

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No dogs for me anymore, just 2 cats that don’t beg. However….
one of my big dogs years ago was so bad, and had the sad, wrinkled eyebrow twitch thing down to a science.
We would say ” No bad begging” and he would slink off to his bed on the landing of our staircase looking utterly destroyed. lol

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Our two dogs are over 100 lbs each, we have no begging at the table and when they are fed the little girl goes and waits in the next room and her brother will wait in the doorway. They sit and wait for the food bowls to be put down and I tell them, “Okay”.

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Our old dog was trained to stay out of the room until we finished eating. We started off by tying her to a door knob, and finally when she got the idea, she thought that was the only place she could stay. Our new dog is soooo food obsessive, we might have to crate her during mealtime. We’ll see.

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I had 3 dogs but they never begged for food when we are at the dinner table. They have never been given any food while at the dinner table so they do not expect to get any. Moreover we used to give them dinner outside when we had ours.

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wHen company is over they go outside. With us, they sit & stare several feet back. No jumping or anything though.

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I forgot the emergency vet hospitalization for the same dog I mentioned above. “Ruckus” was a 96 lb. hound dog and a stealth food stealer. He once snatched a 3lb. pork roast off the kitchen counter in the 2 miniutes I had left it there to cool while I went upstairs for something. I came back down ant was gone, vanished, in less than 3 minutes with him looking guilty as hell lying on his bed in innocent mode. haha
2 hours later he was vomiting and sick and had to spend the night in the emergency vet on IV’s and treatment for Pancreatitis.

That damn dog, loveable but stubborn as they come. He also once drug me out into the street to lick a melted candy bar off the pavement. He weighed almost as much as me and when he wanted to go, I went along helplessly. lol

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Daisy ate a reel of fishing line last night. Well, most of the line was accounted for (I think), but there weren’t enough tiny pieces of plastic lying around for me to believe she didn’t eat a good bit of it. She’s also torn up a couple of TV remotes, chewed through our wall four times, and consumed a nice square foot chunk of our carpet in the past year and a half. But she leaves our shoes alone…crazy mutt. The worst, of course, was when she ate a pack of sugar free gum, which is poisonous to dogs. A night in the ER and $1000 later, she was fine, but she still likes to lick our mouths when we’re chewing gum. You’d think she would connect the dots.

Yeah, I’m way more concerned about what Daisy eats when I’m not around than what she might snatch off of my plate.

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