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Would they possibly call the cops on me?

Asked by Orangey (12points) July 28th, 2014

There’s a liquor beer and spirit store near my house up the street and I’m 21 now but I look younger. So I was wondering if I got beer and showed them my id when they asked for it and if they didn’t believe me or thought it was fake, if they would just kick me out or call the cops on me. Which would be pretty stupid if it were that serious but I hope it wouldn’t come to that. Anyway I don’t want them to call the cops or anything because it’s not like I can get in trouble, but if anybody in my family found out about it they’d give me a hard time about drinking. I guess all I really care about is their bad impressions of me since nobody in my family drinks.

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I would not worry about them calling the cops….that would be bad for business and they want to keep new customers not frighten them off.

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If you have a legitimate ID then it wpuid be pretty foolish for a cop to arrest you with no grounds for it.

Most people like cops and store owners end up checking so many IDs over the years that a fake one stands out and a genuine one passes muster.

“Looking young” is not adequate grounds to arrest someone if their ID is genuine. You’re overthinking this.

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@Buttonstc I know, I have a bad habit of overthinking things all the time, it’s really annoying. I thought it sounded pretty dumb to call the cops over something like that but just making sure. I just didn’t want to risk a situation like that.

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And don’t forget the point that Cruiser makes. Store owners don’t want to alienate legal and paying customers needlessly. It’s not good for business :)

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Well first off. They can’t “think” it’s fake. They should know how to 100% verify an ID. Secondly they want your business. They sell alcohol… That’s their trade! Grab a brew and drink!

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They won’t call the cops. And if they did you’d only have to show them your ID to prove who you were and how old you are. Then they even might escort you into the store to assure the seller of your proper age. If you’re not breaking the law, then everything is cool.

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Welcome to Fluther.

The liquor store is not in the business of turning away, alienating or investigating customers. Even if you did have a fake ID, if it was a reasonably convincing fake that a “reasonable person” could not tell from the real thing, they would probably sell to you without any additional questions. They are required to keep people whom they know to be underage from purchasing liquor and beer, and they are required to take reasonable steps to do that, which means checking ID. They are not required to investigate the bona fides of every state’s different licensing schemes, or to know when blocks of license blanks are stolen from different states (which is how the best fake IDs are made, after all) or all of the various ins and outs of all kinds of fake identification. If you present an ID and it looks to be real, and it shows that you’re of age, then the store is open to you. As long as your credit card or cash are real. That shit they’ll check the hell out of.

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You’re safe. 21 is 21.

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Honestly, your question sounds to me like a veiled “What happens if I get caught using a fake ID.”

Chances are, the store owners would tell you to get out and not come back. They should keep the ID.

Probably the only way they would call the cops is if they thought you were on drugs or if they suspected a police ‘sting’.

Why are you focused on the store ‘near your house’? If you’re 21, just drive someplace else where there’s little chance of eyewitnesses. And how is it that the store is ‘near your house’, yet the personnel are unfamiliar with you?

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I have been refused booze a lot since my ID expired 10 years ago. But I have never had the cops called. Superbad is just a movie.

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I’ve been in many situations over the years where I was required to check ID; in many cases, my employer (by law) required me to 1) deny service to the person, 2) confiscate any ID that appeared counterfeit, and 3) turn the ID in to management y the end of the shift. In over 10 years of this type of work for various employers in several states, I never called the police on anyone.

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If they called the authority on you, they will only be making fools of themselves because your ID is 100% Legit, don’t stress it.

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If you show valid ID you are safe.

Be forewarned. If your family members don’t drink they will be hypersensitive to the odor and will be able to tell you have been drinking.
They might choose to pretend they don’t know, but they do.

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You’ll be fine. I still have the “UNDER 21” text on my ID, even though I am not. It takes them a few seconds (minutes if they are arithmetically challenged or they’ve just started working there) to process that I can indeed buy a drink and I always get my pint. No one has ever called the cops on me.

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