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Do political vegetarians and vegans have an issue with cannibalism?

Asked by SecondHandStoke (9492points) July 28th, 2014

(sigh) So it’s all about the consent (the reason vegans don’t have a problem with swallowing).

What if a person gives the okay to be eaten?

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Yes, unless it’s autosarcophagy.

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I would hope that EVERYONE would have an issue with cannibalism, don’t you :) ?

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Brings new meaning to bite me.

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I thought politicians dined on pooches, it’s a dog eat dog world after all, aye thangyoo

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Does “political vegetarian” == ethical vegetarian (as opposed to someone who is vegetarian for other reasons, such as health)? It also seems to target a particular type of ethical vegetarian, excluding environmental vegetarians.

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Given certain conditions….even a vegan would eat a gamey leg

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Optional cannibalism or forced cannibalism?

it’s the old “emergency situation” question. Like the plane crash survivors in the Andes, or similar.

If it’s a choice between dying and living (assuming that eating someone for dinner would sustain me), then of course I would eat the person. In a situation like that, standing on some political situation would lead directly to my death. What good is politics if I’m dead?

On the other hand, if its optional – that’s a different matter entirely.

But then, I’m not a veggie or vegan. Some are extreme enough that they would choose to die.

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Would you define political vegetarian/vegan? Some people got a big laugh from this.

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It is an attempt by him to delegitimise an ethical vegetarian/vegan’s reasons to abstain from meat.

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Political as in anyone that doesn’t eat meat or meat products for any reason other than, let’s say, that it gives them a rash.

Sorry @ragingloli Not delegitimize, differentiate from. Nice try.

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@SecondHandStoke: “Political as in anyone that doesn’t eat meat or meat products for any reason other than, let’s say, that it gives them a rash.”

It’s still a strange way to describe non-rash vegetarians. I have never met anyone who is a vegetarian because it gives them a rash. Also, it seems that you had something else in mind…

@SecondHandStoke: “So it’s all about the consent”

But there are many reasons that people may choose to be a vegetarian or vegan – only some of them have to do with consent or a rash (?) – including for environmental reasons, religious reasons, they are disgusted by the concept, health concerns, etc.

Did the cannibalism responses help? What did you learn about vegetarianism?

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