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What MySQL database admin app should I be using?

Asked by richardhenry (12641points) July 7th, 2008

I’m using Mac OS X Leopard, but feel free to share for other platforms too. Is there anything better than Navicat available? I would like to be using something desktop-based, not web-based.

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I use the MySQL command-line tool. Learn it. Love it.

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I was recently at a MySQL user group and like sferik said the MySQL command line tool seemed to be the weapon of choice. Im still very much a novice so I havent used it enough to vouch for it myself. But thats what im focusing on learning.

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Use the command line. Ask us for help.

You wouldn’t use Dreamweaver, would you?

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Haha okay. I get the message. I’ll be installing and playing with the command line tool then. Do you really find it more efficient than having a GUI interface? Or is it simply the flexibility you enjoy?

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I might take you up on some of that help andrew im really interested in learning it

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I’ve always used phpmyadmin just because that’s what I begun with, I don’t do much database admin and I don’t know much SQL for MySQL (or any SQL engine for that matter) but I’d love to learn how to use the command line for MySQL.

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I agree with the CocoaMySQL recommendation. It doesn’t do everything but for day to day data inserts, updates and deletes it works very well. I still use the CLI for more administrative tasks.

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phpMyAdmin isn’t bad, and puts a nice GUI on almost all functions.

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Seconded: PHPMyAdmin

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I agree with phpMyAdmin. the one thing i love about using the browser is that I can Command + F to find anything on the page.

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Three months on:

To the phpMyAdmin fans, check out the recently released SQLBuddy. It’s faster and easier to navigate than MyAdmin. It doesn’t look like crap, either.

I am actually using the command line for pretty much all tasks now, and would like to thank sferik and andrew for a push in the right direction.

SQLBuddy is nice for dealing with heaps of data, though.

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