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How do you personally deal with internet trolls?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) July 28th, 2014

Well, to say the least, social media has gone full blown HAM.

I realize some/most kids probably speak out of their another name for donkey. So how do you personally interact with trolls on a forum. And I’m not talking about someone disagrees with you (I’ve seen plenty called trolls for having an opposite opinion) I’m talking about blatant trolling, flame baiting, racism to provoke off topic discussion stuff like that.

I was on a website and read the comments and I realized, haha, these kids or people are putting little effort and hide under anonymity and couldn’t care less what people think I bet. So in their mind they aren’t necessarily in the wrong, what they say is as quick as a stupid thought. So I’ve decided to completely ignore the comments. (Yes you can judge me, in the past I would actually go out of my way and comment some sort of article back in retaliation haha, but then again that’s sometimes what they’re after)

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By out-trolling them. Defensive trolling as I call it.

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Before I became a moderator, I would usually just ignore them. If they get no reaction, they usually bore quickly and move on.

Now I school them in the ways of Fluther, then warn, suspend, or ban if necessary.

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Simply put, just don’t deal with them at all, pass them by as you would a stranger in the streets.

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I find if you can ignore them, which sometimes is hard to do they bore really fast and move onto someone else,they crave a reaction and if they don’t get it they move on to someone who will give it to them.
Or hunt them down and kill them like a rabbid dog whatever works.

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I ignore them.

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If I’m on Fluther, I’ll flag them and move on.

On other less well modded sites I just completely ignore them. Don’t feed the trolls.

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Flagging and ignoring.

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What’s the scientific word in psychology used to define these people? Haha

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I don’t deal with them, but the people who devote so much of their time telling the troll how wrong he/she is fascinate me.

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I feed them.

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I huff & puff & blow there hou…hang on, that’s the three little pigs!

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Facebook is swarming with these things! Might as well call it Trollbook. I’ve gotten into a few of these “discussions” and I just end up saying I’m not talking about it anymore. I dug up the last “end post” I made:
“You call all those personal attacks a debate? That’s why I’m not “debating” this further, because we have two completely different definitions of debate. Plus, I have other real-life things to do right now. Adios”
If only I could Mod them off like on Fluther hahaha.

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Trolling is in the eyes of the beholder.

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I normally report and ignore. We can never control what they post,so its better to ignore them rather than answering and getting upset. Moreover if we keep encouraging them, they will continue to troll.

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I’ve hunted them, destroyed them, and then stepped back and laughed. Now, like Araphel, I walk past but I carry a big stick.

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@ Mastema Really? Have you exchange your mighty axe for a stick??

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@Araphel You know better than that.

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sOmetimes I ignore, depends on their content/ entertainment value.

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Pretty much just what @hearkat said.

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sometimes its fun to feed the trolls, especially if they are quick to respond.

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