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Using breast enhancement pills is a safe option?

Asked by Melissa1 (4points) July 29th, 2014

There are lots of products and exercise in market for breaat enhancement weather using of pills are safe?

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Doesn’t matter if they’re safe, since they don’t work and you shouldn’t use them.

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These products are often purported to be of natural ingredients but have little to no proof they are safe. Save your money on these dubious pills and buy a pretty padded bra instead.

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No pills enlarge your breasts and if it does definitely there will be some side effects. If you are below 21, you are still growing, so wait a bit before considering using pills. Most women do gain in their breasts with weight gain or pregnancy. Focus on what foods and supplements you need to take and there are exercises you can do to tone your body and make them appear larger. Try to be happy with what you have. Everyone’s got some part of their body they want to change or rearrange.

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These things typically work if you want larger breasts:

1) Weight gain (not the healthiest option unless you’re underweight)
2) Pregnancy (careful with this one, it also typically results in a baby)
3) Plastic surgery (the most foolproof option provided the surgery isn’t botched, but pretty pricey)

Please note that breast enhancement pills and creams are not listed. Magic potion is also not listed. Both are equally ridiculous ideas for attaining larger breasts.

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