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If you had a bar, what would your decoration theme be?

Asked by UnholyThirst (1453points) July 29th, 2014

What time would you close?

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15 century Dungeon and Dragons theme… a dragons horde.

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Hell themed, heavy music, dark nylon walls with dancers penetrating through at all times like the damned trying to escape hell.

I wouldn’t close.

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An old-fashioned ice cream parlor ‘cause I don’t drink but I sure love ice cream.

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A library.

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It would be covered in glitter, and I would name is Magnus’ Crotch.

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TNG Ten Forward.

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Aqua. I would use cool, aquatic color scheme of blues and greens. There would be aquariums everywhere, including the cool column aquariums. The ceiling would be an aquarium. People would be surrounded by fish. The atmosphere would be low key, but not dark, or closed in.
There would be a dance floor, but the music would be live, a pianoman most of the time.
I would have a kitchen, with a simple sandwich, salad, appetizer menu.
If he would agree, I would have @talljasperman be my security, because with a guy that big in view, few would try to make trouble.
I would call it The Tenth Atmosphere.

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@Jonesn4burgers Sounds like fun… what’s the pay like?

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How about a Satanic church theme?

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If it was an iron bar, the decoration would be the blood of my victims…clowns & mimes mostly.

Darth_Algar's avatar

Run-down and seedy.

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

Vintage motorcycles. Open as long as the law allows us to serve booze.

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It’d look something like this

El_Cadejo's avatar

heh that’s awesome, meant to actually post this link , but, the other one works pretty good too :P

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@El_Cadejo Mos Eisley “space port”... from Star Wars.

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Couches, import/microbrews, and hash.

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@Blondesjon I love hash browns too

Blondesjon's avatar

I know, right?

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Beach. No, there wouldn’t be any palm trees. The bar would have a northeastern feel to it; lots of clapboards and weathered shingles.

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Nightclub. Just like Ricky Ricardo’s “Club Babalu”. Tropically themed. Tables and chairs facing mostly live entertainment. A night of band music, a night of local talent, karaoke night and a night of whatever genres I could drum up. A ginormous hidden TV would allow for a Sports night or special events.
Cool, light sandwiches and various homemade chips with dip.

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It would be a coffee bar with homemade sweets and snacks. The theme would be classic super heroes, science fiction, and pulp comics. Everything we served would be named after the characters.

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Tiki bar. Best bar theme ever.

Mimishu1995's avatar

Film noir theme. The shop would be in mostly black and white, or at least in dark colors. The furniture would be decorated in 1930s or 1940s style and the staff would dress accordingly.

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The Beatles.

Smitha's avatar

A pirate-themed bar.

Brian1946's avatar


Would you have your staff dress in black, gray, and white?

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I want an ice bar that looks like this

Closing time is 3:15 a.m.

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Longfellows Wayside Inn in Sudbury Massachusetts

Mimishu1995's avatar

@Brian1946 Certainly! For film noir love!

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Red crushed velvet walls with a gun metal embroidery, delicate, odd and unforgettable, in each shadowed corner of the club there will be caskets for a lil privacy if you will, there will be thick swings transparent and laced with the finest of barbwire, so no matter where you are, you will be delighted the feeling of blood droplets caressing your skin, on the tables will be cast iron candelabras, last but not lease chandeliers made of skulls and bones, oh did I mention a sound proof dungeon in the basement?

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I want to go to @Araphel‘s bar!

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I like @filmfann idea of a library bar, I would add lots of well worn, old leather armchairs and a huge open fireplace. I can imagine myself there on a cold winter’s evening, glass of port in hand and a really good book, next to the raging fire, bliss.

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@Mimishu1995 stole mine exactly!

something very much like THIS

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@ AshLeigh I welcome you anytime to my fine establishment ;)

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@Blondesjon I love hash brownies too

My bar would have to have some type of musical theme…maybe a ‘50’s style jazz club.

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Hash brownies and jazz in a state where recreational cannabis is legal- I’ll be there with a major thirst!

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Redneck Heaven.

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@anniereborn Yeah. That’s almost how I picture it :)

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@janbb Tequila Mockingbird? ;)

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A library bar named Tequila Mockingbird is the best thing I have heard today. And it’s national cheesecake day, so that means a lot.

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I would do an eco-friendly/slightly industrial vibe with reclaimed barnwood and stainless steel… stools made out of tree trunks, indoor greenery, a rooftop herb garden… powered by solar panels.

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@longgone: That is brilliant.

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@zenvelo: nice find. I loved that show.

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I’d do a cabin theme. Log walls, wood floors, hiking maps, old artifacts, etc. There would be a fire to roast marshmallows and hotdogs over. The bathroom would be an outhouse with bugs and rodents that come up and bite your ass. It would include old guns, axes, hatchets, saws, and roasting sticks that the angry drunks could fight with, for added entertainment.

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There are so many cool ideas in this thread. Why have I never seen or heard of any of them being done? (and yes, I live in a small city, but I am not that far from Chicago)

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I call this, Vamp-Decor..

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@cookieman Thank you, Sir.

@zenvelo Man. How come all my brilliant ideas have been done before? . .

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