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Do you believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion and should have freedom of speech, or do you believe that voicing said opinions should be considered beforehand and moderated closely?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) July 30th, 2014

Why? Explain.

I thank you for your reply and your interest.

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I think everyone can have different opinions, as long as such opinions don’t have negative impact to society.

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Everyone should be allowed to say what he/she/it wants. But do not act surprised when you get clobbered in the gob.

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Everyone is entitled to their opinions. No government should be able to restrict the expression of those opinions. Everyone, while allowed to express their opinions, should be respectful of the venue and understand that an inappropriate expression of those opinions may be met with consequences.

Don’t come into my house and talk smack about me and mine, and expect me to take it.

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While the respectful exchange of opinions is desirable, discourse is more likely to be confrontational. However, I cannot imagine any law that could assure civility. It is up to the individual to consider the potential effects of their voicing and to choose words that are less emotionally charged.

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Do I believe everyone has a right to opinions. Yes, absolutely. But I also believe too many ill-informed people express their uneducated opinions in inappropriate ways.

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I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, whether or not you verbalize it depends on the venue.

Do I go around saying my opinion of everyone’s hair, clothing, house, etc.? No. Not asked for, not necessary. Unless you ask. Then I will give my opinion but not harshly. It’s not necessary to insult someone or be blunt.

At work, I have a lot of opinions but think about who I am talking to and what the outcome could be. Maybe it’s not worth getting into a pissing match with someone. Maybe we used to not get along but now we’re getting along ok, and so I don’t want to ruin that.

It all depends. It’s a very broad question. Of course we’re all entitled to our opinions – you can’t change how someone thinks. I have a lot of thoughts and opinions but they usually stay out of my mouth.

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The freedom to form ones own opinion is fundamental but the taste of shoe leather is universal.

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I believe in free unrestricted speech. Like others have said, it’s not without consequence.

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Yes, but as @Pachy says, ignorant and/or ill informed is, well…ignorant and ill informed, therefore, irrelevant. I made a joke the other day to an acquaintance I know that it is time for self euthanasia to become legal, for any reason. He agreed and we had a great discussion on a taboo topic which is rare. Most people can’t handle talking about emotionally charged controversial issues in a rational manner. It was so refreshing to have an open discussion about one of those swept under the rug topics.

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I believe in complete and total free speech, as long as it doesn’t amount to defamation.

In the brave new world of social media, people can and do say nearly anything, but there is always the bot army to make sure unique opinions are hard to find, and that Orthodoxy gets the most exposure. This all too often involves defamation of someone who dares to question Orthodoxy, and is free speech working against itself.

People should have complete freedom of speech, without fear of others using their right to free speech to drown them out.

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My view is this, opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one, but some suffer from terrible flatulence.
Likely to cause offence, put a cork in it.

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Your question does not express mutually incompatible options. Yes, we are all entitled to our opinions. Yes, I am happy for my freedom of speech and would like for everyone to have it (though let us note that freedom of speech is only a restriction on government). But I also think it wise to consider my views before voicing them and to be moderate in the articulation of those opinions.

One problem that many people seem to have is that they think being entitled to their opinion is the same thing as having a right for their opinion to go unchallenged. They cling to their entitlement as if it is some absolute defense against criticism. Yet this is essentially to deny that anyone else is entitled to their opinion. If your right to your opinion negates my right to critique your opinion, then you are saying I have no right to an opinion of my own.

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Yes, all have the right to their own opinion, and get to voice it. And everyone gets to voice their opinion of you!

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adding to @Pachy‘s answer:

Yes, absolutely. But I also believe too many ill-informed people express their uneducated opinions in inappropriate ways” ...and end up in positions of power.

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Yes, @cookieman. For sure.

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Everyone has a right to their own opinion however everyone also has the responsibility to express it in an appropriate manner in an appropriate setting.

People are so fond of the rights part and not so hot on the responsibility part that goes along with it.

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If and when I am asked for my opinion, and I offer it, anyone has the right to challenge it or offer an opposing view, but that doesn’t mean I will engage in an argument or debate about why I feel the way I do. When I say “it’s my opinion” that means you have your opinion, I have mine and we don’t have to agree, but neither do I have time or energy to explain or justify mine.

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@jca I have always thought that everyone was entitled to my opinion (jk)

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