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What would the world be like today if electricity had been invented / discovered / harnessed in the 8th century?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44386points) July 30th, 2014

As asked. Run free, imaginations!

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Well…would have saved a lot of heads rolling into baskets if they had the electric chair at their “disposal.” lol

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Well you would have to expect that all of the other advances from which we currently benefit had also taken place. So imagine today’s wonders in a world with a population of a mere 2–300 million people. Or better yet, imagine what the world will be like 1300 years from now.

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Humanity would have snuffed itself out 800 to 900 years ago. Just like we’re going to do now in 100 to 300 years.

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The inventor would have been murdered by the church for being a sorcerer.

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For one thing, I wouldn’t be able to post a comment to your question—but then, you wouldn’t have been able to ask it.

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It would have just been a novelty until Tesla was born in 1856.

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Well, Tesla was building on information and understanding that went before him. There would have been a Tesla before 1856.

One time my dad told me “There is no such thing as an “original” idea. Every idea a person has is built on the foundations of people who went before him.” That really stuck with me.

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@Dutchess_III That’s probably true Tesla is often given too much attention when there are many other pioneers who laid the initial groundwork. He still had the right combination of aptitude, drive and ingenuity to put everything together the way he did. Many of the things he is credited with on the internet are just plain wrong. He did put a great deal of technology together though. The only other person in his day that I would put next to him is Steinmetz and they were still worlds apart.

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