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Is there an explanation to "waking up on the wrong side of the bed"?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1586points) July 30th, 2014

Is there some scientific reasoning behind seemingly unwanted, random crabbiness once and a while when you wake up?

This morning I was generally pissed off. I wasn’t tired. I felt fully rested. Even energetic. But I was annoyed at every little fucking thing. And there was really no reason why other than how I initially felt when I woke up.

For me, personally, I always happen to feel energetic if I’m crabby in the morning. If I wake up groggy or tired from a party night or what have you, I don’t get crabby.

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I think there are four main reasons, and it can be any combination of the four.

1. You are woken up during a part of your sleep cycle that is very difficult. We tend to cycle every hour and a half. There are different stages of sleep and depending on the stage you are in I think it can be more traumatic. Parts of sleep we are basically paralyzed, so be awoken during that time I think can feel almost painful. Some parts we are dreaming, others we are in a light state of sleep etc. Also, some people have “abnormal” brain waves during sleep that affects how they sleep and how they wake. Sleeping 7.5 or 9 hours probably works best for most people, but even at 6 hours the person might wake up well, just need a nap later.

2. You are a caffeine drinker. If you regularly drink caffeine the morning is when you are starting to hit withdrawal symptoms, one of which is being sleepy, so you either want to sleep longer or get your drug quickly. Most people are grumpy when they are in withdrawal no matter what drug it is.

3. The person’s circadian rhythm is naturally to be nocturnal.

4. The person is very sleep deprived in general.

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I did wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, come to think of it.

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Yes, the bottom side of the bed is going to be “the wrong side” for nearly anyone who uses a bed (some jellies excepted, they may not know who they are, but you probably do), so waking up underneath the bed means your day is probably not off to a good start.

It beats not waking up at all. In most cases, for most people.

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Probably not getting enough REM and having a negative mindset to reinforce would be my guess

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@ScottyMcGeester I guess you could be thankful that you woke up to do that.

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In Roman times, it was considered bad luck to get out of bed on the left side. Hence if you exited on that wrong side, your day was fated to be a bad one.


NOW the questions become:
Were you standing at the head or the foot of the bed when you asked the question?? Were you laying on your stomach or your back when you sat up in bed?
Would a round bed guarantee a lifetime if happiness?

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We all have those days sometimes. There could be a number of reasons like lack of sleep, Lack of vitamins, the loud blaring of alarm clock etc. Normally when we wake up during a deep sleep, we will be disorientated and consequently more frustrated. But if we ease out of the deep sleep into a lighter stage of sleep, we will be less likely to wake up grumpy.

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