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Is there a safe website that lets you download karaoke videos off of youtube and is legal?

Asked by Wine (636points) July 30th, 2014

My dad purchased a videoke machine in the Philippines and though it has a large song selection, it doesn’t have all of the latest hits. They told him to just download the songs off of youtube. What website would you recommend and how can I make sure that I won’t be getting a virus onto my mac?

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You can use dvdvideosoft’s youtube to mp3 converter.
if you use firefox, it will also install a plugin, that will put a “download mp3” button below the youtube video, that will download the video and automatically convert it to mp3 for you.
Make sure to do a custom installation and deselect all the adware that it wants to install.

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Real player will do it. It will also strip off the audio for you and make them MP3s

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Be aware that, whatever software you use, the only legal way is to contact the copyright holder for the video (which is not necessarily the person who uploaded it) and get their written permission to download it. Without their written confirmation it’s all illegal.

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Real Player has a download option. Sites like Keepvid may or may not work. They should have an option to download entire video.

jhooper's avatar is a good online site. All it does is takes the MP3 from a video. The only thing needed is the link for said video and the site does the rest.

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