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Do people that have house cleaners have them because they are too lazy, or because they don’t have time to clean their homes themselves?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) July 30th, 2014

It used to be that to have a housekeeper (PC “house cleaner”) meant that you had means and did not want to spend time cleaning your own home. These days, with monstrous commutes and people working so much overtime on their job ([J]ust [O]ver [B]roke [S]yndrome), they don’t have time to clean their own place; even if they wanted to. Today, if one wants to have a clean home and hires a house cleaner, is it because they don’t want to take up their free time to do it, or there is simply not enough time for them to do it effectively?

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Some people are suffering from depression or (physical or mental ) disability and need home care. Also with the homecare they need house cleaners Other is people who never learned to be neat and clean, and will have to learn the hard way.

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I know people who were raised to not do work around the house. They never learned to. They don’t mow the lawn, they don’t clean, they don’t attempt even simple repairs. I wouldn’t use the word lazy. Spoiled maybe.

Thought the people doing the work appreciate the income.

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We hire our staff so we can throw soft furnishings & foodstuffs at them while they work.
The butler & housemaids do enjoy our eccentric ways, which is just as well, coz they’d be fired otherwise. Burt the gardener found out the hard way.

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Despite working full-time, being in graduate school, and a busy dad and husband, I do all the housework — because I love housework. I really do. It’s a hobby. I could never pay someone to do it because I’d feel terrible spending the money and would probably be critical of their work anyway.

Conversely, I loath yard work. ugh, nature So I have no qualms about paying someone to rake, mow, and trim my yard.

I think, if you can afford the services, it comes down to preference and available time.

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How about because they are old and become tired and sore like moi ? Then I complain when I find all these things they’ve gotten away with not doing and get mad because they think I won’t notice. They are the lazy ones.

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A combination of disability and lack of time was the reason I had a housekeeper. And now, I have someone come in to watch the kids and get them to school in the morning, since I leave for work at 5:15 am. So she does laundry and tidies up a little…

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Well, it just means they have the money to waste. I’d hire a housekeeper if I had the money. I’m neither lazy nor too busy to keep house. I’d just rather be doing something else.

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