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What would I be using the "Snappy" program for if I got this job?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36142points) July 31st, 2014

Snappy was mentioned in this job description. I finally figured out that it’s a screen shot program, and I downloaded a free version on to my computer. when I started to play around it hung up my computer, so I killed it.
What would I use this for in my job, and why don’t they just take screen prints instead of using this program? What’s special about it?

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What’s the job you’re applying for? That would help us to figure it out. Some screenshot apps allow you to take shots of specific areas of the screen and edit them to (for example blur out names, emails, account numbers, etc.) some allow for timed screenshots, so you can begin an action and it will snap in the process, or even screen recording. These can be useful in various situations.

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In insurance. Now that you’ve explained it, I understand. I’ll get back into the version I downloaded and try to make it work.

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The full sentence reads “Manages and tracks insurance and merchant card referrals within Snappy.”

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Are you sure that they mean Snappy, the screenshot program and not Snappy, the data compression library from Google?

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I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking this question. I just want to be sure I’m not looking foolish if I ask them about it.

This might shed some light. Another sentence reads “Coordinates with Deposit Operations, Administration &/or Technology to provide up-to-date and accurate customer information in Jack Henry and Snappy in a timely fashion.”

That sounds more like database information.

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@Dutchess_III Yes, so does your previous comment. It sounds like they might be using Google’s Snappy as a database. It might be worth asking a few questions. I really don’t think it would make you look foolish to ask about this – it’s not the most obvious choice for a database.

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OK, here is what I have composed: ” I have found a couple of references to ‘Snappy.’ One is a screen print program. My husband has something similar that his job requires him to use. The other is a data compression program. I’d like to familiarize my self with which ever application you are are referring to.”

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That sounds excellent to me, @Dutchess_III. Shows you’re really interested in the job and doing your homework.

Although, I would probably say that your husband has something similar that he uses occasionally for his job. I wouldn’t want to set the expectation that I would come in fully versed.

Then again, you might just simply asked, “Are you referring to the data or screen-freeze “Snappy” program?”

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This just in.

“Snappy, the data compression library from Google?” it is, and @dappled_leaves takes the cake.

I’ll have the pie with a glass of 2%.

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Yes, @dappled_leaves does take the cake! I’m drinkin’ rum and Coke. Little more than 2%!

OK, next question: They also mentioned WAVE, as in “Maintains and updates the WAVE as needed.” I researched, came up with this. Would it be stupid to ask if that was the WAVE they were referring to?

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Maybe you should use your new-found knowledge and say something to the effect of “If the job requires Jack Henry and Google’s Snappy, is it McKinsey’s “Wave” you refer to in the…”

Are you sure you want this job??

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Yes, I want this job. This kind of stuff is right up my alley, @ibstubro.

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Best luck to you, then, @Dutchess_III. I hope you get and enjoy it.

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