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Do you have any tips for selling a car outright instead of trading it in?

Asked by chyna (40217points) July 31st, 2014

Would Craigslist be a good place to advertise? What about if the person wants to test drive the car? Do I go with them? Should I just meet the person somewhere instead of telling them where I live? Any advice?

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A lot of people use Craigslist to find chumps to rip off.
Have a friend with you, and meet the buyer in a public place, like the mall. Let them test drive, but go with them, and make sure you tell them cash, no checks.
They may want to bring a friend. Encourage that, and let him stay with your friend.

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^ What more can be said?

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I agree with @filmfann – have the money in hand in a certified check (never a personal check) BEFORE you hand over the title and the keys.

Don’t let the person test drive it alone – they might simply drive it away.

Always meet in a public place. (unless this is someone you know)

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Make sure to point out if anything on or in the car isn’t working.

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Wash it inside and out. Pay extra attention to the wheels and tires. If it doesn’t have hub caps, or nice looking wheels, get some hub caps!

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Do you need to drive the car while you’re trying to sell it? If not, you might consign it to someone else to sell it, or find a place to park it (with signs in the window) that’s heavily traveled.

I live on a heavily traveled yet rural county highway, and you can sell practically anything from the yard. A neighbor details cars, and sells cars on consignment from his front yard. Rare a vehicle is there more than a week or two.

Personally, I avoid Craig’s List. I believe that approaching 50% of the traffic is people phishing for marketable email addresses.

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Sister in Law sold her car recently on Craigslist. The person wanted to meet at a McDonalds for a test drive, so my SIL thought, but he just wanted to see the car. He agreed on her price and bought it. Usually people are buying cars for their kids, or don’t want to use their main car anymore for their commutes. Craigslist is a buyers market type of place so price your car to sell. Don’t try to make more way more than Blue Book.

Also, In your ad, tell them to respond by leaving their phone number.

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