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My mouse has stopped scrolling down, but will still go up. how can i fix this ?

Asked by eenerweiner (444points) July 7th, 2008

Its a mac mouse with the little scroll ball, its done this before but started back again later. However this time i fear my down scroll is completely dead… is there an easy fix? or is it time for a new mouse?

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typical dust forming, you could get a new one, or try rolling it down hard with the palm of your hand, works pretty well

good luck

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Those scroll wheels get stuck a lot, I know I’ve seen this Q before.

Turn it upside-down & roll the scroll wheel on a slightly damp cloth in all directions until it comes clean.

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Yay! It is working again! I love it when there is a simple fix.

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Thanks for the fixes. I was having the same problem. @eenerweiner: thanks for asking the question.

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Turn your computer upside down! :)

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