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What do think about XBMC changing its name to Kodi?

Asked by reijinni (6846points) August 1st, 2014

XBMC has changed the name of their product to Kodi on August 1st. Details here.

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On one level, it’s utterly unimportant. I never heard of them before, and I’m unlikely to do anything with them now.

On a second level, purely in a marketing sense, it sort of makes sense. XBMC looks liked a bunch of gobbledygook – it probably means something (or meant something earlier) but unpronounceable acronyms are not real productive in creating brand awareness and loyalty. So from a simple marketing point of view, this makes sense.

But the more important point is that of the product. If it is good, then the name really doesn’t matter. People will like it no matter what it is called. And conversely, if the product is lousy, changing the name is worthless as well. Bottom line: there’s no particular benefit to changing a name.

… and it is an expense. Think of all the logos, literature, web pages, and so on, that needs to be changed to the new name. The question I would have for management: did they really need to spend this money? Would there have been other investments that could have / should have been funded?

I guess deep down the question is: What was the point of doing it, and what does management think that the name change will do? If management can give a good answer, then it was a poor idea.

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Won’t change much and the reasoning is sound. I use XMBC daily on my Fire TV and I am not worried.

@elbanditoroso :: You should probably read the article.

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I think that they want to distance themself from the X-Box Media Center branding, and strike out on their own merits :)

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I think a name change was a good idea here, but I am not sure Kodi is the way to go.

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