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What's the last album (new or old) that has completely floored you because of how incredible and thought provoking it is?

Asked by rockfan (7190points) August 1st, 2014

On both a musical and emotional level?

For me, it was the album “Marry Me” by St. Vincent. What about you?

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Adele’s “21”.

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“The Incident” by Porcupine Tree. It came out in 2009

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Leonard Cohen ~ Live in London

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Bon Iver, Bon Iver

Take a listen

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“Thriller ” by Michael Jackson
Every song was a winner. The variety and range was shocking. Try to compare Thriller, Billie Jean, Human Nature.
If I recall correctly, the album is the best selling album in the US and maybe the world.

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Quiet City by Pan*American.

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Kaboom by I Fight Dragons.
They’re dorky and silly, but something about this album just really got to me.

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“Animals” & “Dirty Knees” being particularly haunting pieces.

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