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What is the current research onto regrowing human teeth as of 2014-08-01?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) August 1st, 2014

I had lost my wisdom teeth and my two front teeth are crowns. I would like to know when I can work on getting my two front teeth back?

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This is 2014 reality, Such technology doesn’t exist yet outside of experimentation, nor will it exist in any way that is certified-safe and affordable within your lifetime. Now, if you hit the lottery, you might be able to get them regrown in about a decade, but as it stands now, you’re looking at something that may as well be sci-fi; it won’t happen before your attention span dies and you forget about it.

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The closest you are gonna get is implants. And again, that would only happen if you win the lottery, or get a really good job with really good insurance.

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@anniereborn OP has fairly decent insurance; it’s called “Canadian citizenship”.

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@jerv Does it pay for teeth implants?

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It only happens twice naturally.. After that you would have to rely on (1) implants or (2) partials and both are far from natural but they are better than full uppers or lowers I assure you.

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