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Is Coco Genix Eye Serum -an Unique facial solution?

Asked by cruzyamzila (1points) August 2nd, 2014

Coco Genix Eye Serum helps you to get rid of many visible aging signs such as crows feet, wrinkles and dark circles round your eyes. The formula helps your skin to fight dead cells and promotes the production of new fat cells. This product enhances your skin and helps you become prettier and younger than before.

I tried the formula on my dermatologist’s advice, and I’m glad that I used it. The solution brought amazing glow and radiant in my skin and made me look like a celebrity. I completely loved it!Personally, I have not experienced any risks or side effects while using this product. I found the formula very effective and safe to use.


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Did you know that genix is being investigated by the FDA – apparently the serum makes you blind if you use it too much.


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