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If i work for a lawyer to i have to have a license? Also, is getting paid under the table illegal?

Asked by mayra88garcia (1points) July 7th, 2008

Lawyer/Under the table

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Getting paid under the table is illegal.

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Pete, you beat me to the answer!

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It’s illegal, but I am sure you aren’t the only one doing it!

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What kind of license? What job are you doing?

And a lawyer should know better than to pay illegally.

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A lawyer knows how to get out of it if someone finds out that he/she is paying illegally.

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Yeah, right up to the point where they get busted.

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I think she means be a legal citizen. That would be a good start on being payed over the table.

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Working under the table is illegal. Also if you were to get injured on the job, laid off etc you would not receive any sort of help from the state. Plus most apartments, loans and future jobs etc want to look at your job history and since you’re working under the table, you wouldn’t be able to claim that job.

I know however that sometimes you have to take what you can get though, so good luck.

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