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Are cell phones like a gun the next wild west? Where you disarm at the door?

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) August 2nd, 2014

Where you need to check in or turn off your smart phones. Doctors offices and movie theaters, hospitals and emergency wards, are becoming places where you have to disarm. Plus many places where it is considered rude, like the restroom and elevators. Do we need another 2nd amendment for the right to bear smart phones?

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That’s a bit over-kill. If something happens you are not going to reach for your phone to shoot someone.

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@tinyfaery Actually people reach for their phones to distribute video over the planet to be caught in the world wide web forever. Peoples reputation can be destroyed in 30 seconds.

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I just found my old question My memory is getting shaky. At least it is older than one year.

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Or at least turn them off, I hate it when someone just has to take a damn call,it is voice mail for.

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I had to read the full detail to understand. I think this should be your OP, “Do we need another 2nd amendment for the right to bear smart phones?”

But yeah I think we should be able to carry it. However, it is still illegal to record conversation off the record not in a public setting.

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Firstly, having a cell phone is not a right. Secondly, even though the 2nd Amendment grants one the right to bear arms this does not apply in the private sector. A business has the right to prohibit the carrying of guns on their premises (and many business, in fact, do). Third, cell phones are weapons. There’s no disarming involved. If a business requests that you turn your cell phone off it’s an issue of manners and not disturbing other patrons.

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Dude, you’re a Canadian. Our 2nd amendment was about re-apportioning the number of seats in the House of Commons.

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Don’t get me started…

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@dappled_leaves When in Rome. Thanks mods.

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[mod says] This question has been relocated to Social at the OP’s request.

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Phone=Gun. Sure.~

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Put it on “silent” pity cowboys never had silencers on their guns, too soon.

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Cellphones are banned from my place of work because a member of staff was caught taking a photo of a computer screen with a customer’s credit card details showing. Needless to say that person was immediately sacked and the police were involved.

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