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Are there any decent online journal sites?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23954points) August 3rd, 2014

I used to use LiveJournal a long time ago, all the time, but I would prefer to use something else now. Before anyone mentions a paper journal (which I also like), the main reason I’d like an online journal is because of how quickly I think. I can’t write quickly enough to keep up with my thoughts most of the time and my hand cramps after a while.

I’ve tried using Word, or similar things, but I can’t get going. I think it reminds me too much of writing essays for college, which isn’t always the right mindset. Another plus would be to read people’s shared posts once in a while, since I’m interested in what people say.

So, know of any sites?

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Tumblr is cool if you are social. Wordpress is deemed most professional but any site can look professional if you put a bit work. Google’s Blogger is cool because it’s Googles. Probably the best best if you’re trying to get noticed with your writing. SEO wise.

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If you liked Livejournal but didn’t like Livejournal (I am an ex-LJ-er so this makes perfect sense to me) you might also consider one of the LJ-spinoffs. I still have an account over on Dreamwidth

CWOTUS's avatar has a pretty nice format and formatting options. It also sends out reminders to review what has been written before (I get reminders on the anniversaries of previous entries, for example), and to write more.

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You should try, its more than a journal site, hope this helps you dear.

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