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Would you like to share some of your favorite Fluther posts?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36028points) August 3rd, 2014

There is a thread about favorite Fluther quotes, but this question is a forum for entire posts. If possible, include a link to the question it came from.

I’ll start. Came across this quote in this old question titled Best or Worst Interview Moment from 2008. The post was penned by our beloved Auggie, probably before she was ever a mod. (The entire thread is pretty hilarious, actually!)

“When I was about 18 or 19 I had my first ‘big company’ interview. I was completely un-prepared when the high-powered woman interviewing me asked what I saw myself doing in 5 years. I mumbled some inane crap like ‘I’d like to be living on a farm, raising horses’. Mind you, I’m a city girl with no desire to do such a thing. I mean, shit. Why didn’t I just tell her I’d like to be chasing rainbows and unicorns?

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No, because I do not feel like sifting through thousands of posts for no reason.

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Well, if you happen to stumble upon one, as I did, you can share it here.

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Gary’s proposal of marriage to Sherry in May, 2008. She said, “Yes.” They got married and then, sadly, vanished. Gary was very ill at the time so we never heard the end of the story, even though lots of us have tried to find them.

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Q: Tell me something odd about yourself.
A: One of my breasts is bigger than the other two. -ragingloli

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I denno, but hopefully we don’t get a buncha links to threads where people just talk about pancakes. Fuck pancakes.

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The infamous @Janets’ hit-and-run question on Augus 17, 2008:

In its entirety:

“Has anyone thought of looking under the swimming pool at the house of in the frizzer we had a boy that was missing for 3 years somewhere around here and they found him .i would not let her out of jail shell will just run??

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Shouldn’t this be in Meta?

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[mod says] This question has been moved to Meta as it pertains to the Fluther community.

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I happened to be awake (not sure why because I’m never awake in the middle of the night) and was around for the famous Yarn-pocalypse. I don’t remember all the details and am too tired to find and link them now, but it was a lot of good fun and puns in reference to @YARNLADY.

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@jca Did you mean the posts on this thread?

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@Mimishu1995: Yes! That’s the Yarn Pocalypse thread.

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I wish something else like that would happen again.

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@Symbeline: It was like the “Perfect Storm.” It seemed to be the convergence of a few people (perhaps with a few substances thrown in?) and the perfect combo of humor, fun and Fluther. For me, I was home after having had surgery, so I wasn’t on my usual work schedule, where I would normally be sleeping at that hour. To me, it was Fluther at its best: The Fluther Heyday!

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Being a part of that Yarnpocalypse, I can definitely say some substances were involved. Well, for me anyways.

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Nobody remembers the Astrochuck day that preceded that in which a number of us changed our Avatars to Astrochuck’s at the same time for a few hours? Jeruba instigated that and I was instrumental in its implementation. Sniff

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Then there was the day when Supermouse left and everyone changed their avatars to hers.

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@janbb I remember that, but those were my first days on Fluther, I didn’t know what was happening, and I barely knew anyone.

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@Symbeline Would you mind if one day we have a Sympocalyse day?

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That would certainly make my day. :D

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@Mimishu1995: That’s a great idea but I’m wondering if the “new” Fluther would frown upon such an event. The guidelines are so strictly enforced and I am not sure if that would violate the guidelines.

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On of the points of such a day is that it is a surprise to the honoree so announcing it in advance kind defeats the purpose but I also agree, it might not be accepted now

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I like any/all posts that include the following words…

Funderful…okay, so I just made that one up, but still

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Oh oh OH yeah I get, yall just saying you wouldn’t want a Sympocalypse I GET IT.

Lol just fuckin wit yall. :D

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A recent question had me looking up this one which I remembered from long past. I still want to try some of these.

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