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How do you read a book?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) August 3rd, 2014

How do you read a book? As in, do you do a chapter a day? Maybe ½? Or maybe you go HAM on a Sunday and just knock a book out?

I’m trying to start reading more but it’s hard to get into the flow.

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When I feel comfortable and then I curl up with a good book, and I read a few pages a day. When I was a child I used to read the entire textbook or novel in one bath sessions where I stay in the tub until I have finished reading the book. I once read a textbook in one 23.5 hour long bath. Naturally I used up all the hot water so I covered my self in a wet beach towel and kept warm in the bath tub.

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I get wrapped up in it and finish it in a day or a couple of days. Longer reads possibly up to a week. If I put it down it’s not really holding my interest.

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It depends on how much time I have, and how interested in the book I am. I can take anywhere from a few hours, to a few weeks, or even months in especially rare cases.

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As a single mother who works full time, it’s not usually my choice how the book gets read. It all depends on my child care issues, work schedule, and what else has to get done. Unfortunately, reading is low on the list of priorities.

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Depends on the book.

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Depends on the book. Something by Daniel Silva or lee Child, I devour. Sometimes at one sitting or possibly two. And then I will read it again a couple of weeks later to pick up the subtleties I missed the first time.

Other stuff – I’m readying Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century – you have to take very small bites. Otherwise you fall asleep.

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I can’t even begin to count the number of ear infections I had as a kid because I finished many good books in the bath. Now I curl up in bed if the weather is bad or if it is dark out. If it’s nice out I’ll find a place outside to finish something I like in one sitting. If I don’t have the time I can take the book (or my iPhone or iPad) with me anywhere I need to go.

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This summer I can drive to work or take the train. I never drive, because I can read on the train.

It’s a highlight of my day.

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Hours to months.
I’ve read a Robert B. Parker or Janet Evanovich in one setting (although that’s rare, and an all day affair.)
I read the history of the county of my birth (published in 1879) that is about the size and shape of a Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, and I spent months at it. I read fiction in between, as it was mostly dry material not to be confused with fiction. Very rewarding, and I’m glad I read the History.
I read until time dictates I stop, or I start to fall asleep.

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Depends on the book, how much time I have and how important the book is. Since you seem to be talking about reading for pleasure, I’ll only take the first two factors into account.

I can read a book non-stop until I have done, or I can just read a bit, then leave it there and read again after some time. But most of the time I read at night, before bed. In some cases, I read at days too. But I can’t read any book for just a day. It usually takes me at least two days for reading.

Could you be a bit specific as to what “get into the flow” means?

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It varies greatly on how readable the book is and how immersed I become in it. I read a lot as a kid, but once academic reading became all I had time for, it kind of killed the pleasure of reading for me. Then, once I became a parent, I would fall asleep after a paragraph or two in a magazine.

I only just started reading again last year, The first book I read was non-fiction, but it was about sound and acoustics and noise pollution, so it related to my vocation and I found it very interesting. I read a chapter or two a night.

The next books I read were young adult series that I had enjoyed as a teen, and wanted to re-read from an adults perspective. Those sucked me in and I read through them non-stop at the expense of anything else I was supposed to be doing.

I then read through Colonel Chris Hadfield’s book, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth at a similar pace to the other non-fiction book I’d read, a chapter or two a day. It’s been several months since I finished that. Hmmm…

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I usually go to the library for a few hours to read. I’ll read parts of a book each time I go until I finish, then I move on to another book. The only time I check out books is when it’s nice out and I’d rather be reading outside. I return the book a few hours later when I’m done.

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I’m not gonna lie! All these answers about being in the bathtub reading are extremely foreign to me! I was always always always out and about outside exploring on the hills around town, catching bugs, kid stuff etc, unfortunately, traveling these days costs a ton of money! But I want to get a new car to road trip more often. For now I’d love to just get into the freakin’ flow or reading!

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It completely depends upon the book and the way the author lays out his or her book. I appreciate authors that write out easily compartmentalized chapters, rather than laying out extremely long chapters that could have easily been turned into shorter chapters. I like to get up and get a glass of iced tea, or use the bathroom, or take a phone call without having to recall the moment I walked away in the middle of a chapter.

Right now our neighbor is running his motorcycle engine without regard to the time of night it is, and if I was reading a book right now, I’d be really irritated.

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When I start reading a book I usually start at the back. If I like how it turns out then I read the whole book! This is because I have read too many books that have depressing endings. it was just a real bummer. Later on when I had children I noticed I rarely got to finish a book and that was always very frustrating. So I got In the habit of reading the end of it first, and then started back at get the beginning. That way at least I knew how it ended even if the book disappeared before I could finish.

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I think my best answer have to be fast, as it is kind of my mutant superpower thingy)
Ever since I was a kid I loved reading, and thus spent alot of time with books. As I finished books way ahead of other kids in the school, the teachers thougt I lied when I finished some books (like the The Famous Five books) in a single reading session. When I could retel the content without missing a beat, they sent me to some person to test my reading spead and comprehention…
I think I was 9 or 10 at the time, and my words-per-minute were around 500.

When it comes to textbooks for my uni degree, well I could probably read them fast as well, but there the big issue is in opening them :p
Fiction holds so much more apeal to me :)

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Very slowly, sometimes it takes me weeks to read a book.

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