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How far have you fallen?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) August 3rd, 2014

Originally conceived this question was about ‘physical distance’. (I was standing at the top of the basement stairs.)

Immediately, I thought, “Oh, the question could be taken Spiritually, Socially, Morally, Economically?

If you’ve had a great fall, feel free to share it here. Generally. Nothing incriminating.

Have a sit on our wall.

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I jumped off of my school gym from the outside. Got lots of grass up my mouth and nose. I was looking to reclaim discarded recess toys.

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When I was 18 I was living in a cheap Circus Circus hotel room in Las Vegas with 5 other people and begging for money in the casinos.

true story

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I fell 65 feet off a bluff overlooking the ocean in Isla Vista CA. Thank goodness the tide was out (that happens to be why I was there at 3:45 a.m. in the first place.)

Broke my right leg just above the ankle; needed surgery and two pins put in. Also broke my left arm.

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At times, my heart can barely stand.

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A couple of years ago I intentionally threw myself off an 80ft viaduct… attached to an abseil rope. I guess that’s controlled falling. It was great fun. There was a whole group of us doing it, I was nervous so I was nearly the last to go. When I got to the bottom the organiser asked who wanted to go again, I was first with a “hell, YES!

I can’t think of any occasion when I’ve fallen any great distance accidentally.

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Head over heels in love with the wife (saxophone melody)

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I have fallen far into sin by with unclean spirit. And I couldn’t feel better!

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Around age 10, I was playing on the roof of a detached garage (don’t ask!). Somehow my friend and I jostled a wasps nest and angered them. In our haste to get away and not get stung, I lost my balance and fell of the roof (around 12 feet). Fortunately my parents had planted low bushes around the garage and they broke my fall. Lots of scratches and scrapes, but nothing broken.

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In terms of accidental falls, I don’t know the exact height but in college, I slipped at the top of the stairs (it was winter and shushy) inside of an academic building. I then fell nonstop for about 2 flights of STEEP stairs, mostly feet first but also side first.

Luckily, the only thing I hurt was my ankle. I sprained it.

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Grr my grammar really killed that post I made.

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I jumped over a railing on a house’s second story balcony once. Didn’t realize what I was doing until I was ready to let go of the rail and plummet. Landed with knees bent to absorb the shock and wasn’t hurt.

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Ur post was fine, @dxs. Better than a lot.

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