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Do you feel that some media shouldn't be distributed via streaming and digital services(Netlfix, Hulu, etc)

Asked by RedKnight (493points) August 4th, 2014

I’ve always been an advocate for digital media offerings, streaming, and cutting the cable. However, a show that I love was recently taken off the air and is now released digitally. Now the excitement I had preceding the airing of the show just isn’t as high. Do you all feel similarly with your favorite shows? Recently, I feel like the level of hype or excitement you feel is much better when watching something that premieres for the first time on television. I also feel this way about big movies. Seeing Guardians of the Galaxy in IMAX on opening night was an amazing experience that made me really excited. The experience is further enhanced by others who are just as passionate. I think about where media is headed and platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Imagine if all new television shows and movies were released digitally. There are obvious pros to this happening. The major one being that it would be widely available to watch anywhere at any time whether that be an entire season or just one episode. This idea seemed very enticing to me and it still is when it comes to movies I don’t want to spend money on in the movie theater or television shows that may just feel idle time. However, when it comes to media I am truly passionate about, digital releases seem to dissipate excitement and just make the release feel small to me. I am wondering if you all feel the same way. Would you prefer that everything were available for digital release? Do you like the feeling building up to seeing something premiere on television and in theaters? This may sound crazy, but I’ve also found that I like time in between episodes as opposed to “binge-watching”. I like to discuss potential developments and theorize about the plot. Binge-Watching vs Traditional Viewing…what do you prefer? Thanks for the input!

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It is understandable how you feel. I used to feel the same way that you do, and there are times when I still miss the anticipation of the next release, be it a new movie or the next week’s episode of a television show.

What I have found is that the ability to control what and when I watch a show or movie outweighs what is missed. My partner works shifts, so we use Netflix to watch a movie or show when the time suits us. If we want to binge-watch, we can. It automatically picks up where we left off. It can be paused for life’s little interruptions. There are no plastic bits involved that will ultimately end up in a landfill, including a DVD player.

As for discussing potential developments, the internet can provide that. It targets an audience that has the same interests. After observing my partner go through the torture of waiting for the next episode of “Lost”, he found comfort and comradery through fellow followers on the net.

And really, doesn’t it come down to making choices? The SO and I schedule a movie date about once a year. We pick out a movie for a date night, make the trek over to the next town which has a movie theatre and splurge on popcorn. It’s a treat for us.

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I agree. At the end of the day choice is always the best option for consumers. And I agree that when your schedule gets busy, digital offerings are the best. I guess my concern is that things are moving to digital only and there is no longer a feeling of a premiere at all. Thanks for the input!

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@RedKnight You’re talking about The Legend of Korra aren’t you? Sucks… but the online viewing of the show has always been much much higher than on air. Nick pretty much screwed this one up from the gate, it premiered with less than a weeks advertisement that the new season was coming and then they were airing two episodes a week to rush through the season. I’d like to hope it will get renewed for book 4 but I kinda doubt it.

Though there is still the feeling of premiere you speak of with this show. It’s not like it went digital and every episode was released right away. We still need to wait that painstaking week.

As per the actual question, I am in the camp of preferring to watch things online. I hate waiting for the next episode of shows to come out and will often wait until the end of the season and just dl the whole thing. (I make a few exceptions for shows I really enjoy)

I also don’t go to movie theaters (too expensive and horrible experiences ruin the movie) so for movies, it’s always digital for me.

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@El_Cadejo You got it! I know it was Nick’s fault, but I really feel like Season 3 is the best season yet! Luckily, Nickelodeon already ordered Book 4 when the ordered Book 3. However, I doubt we will see another entry into the Avatar universe after Book 4 at least from Nickelodeon. I can definitely understand where you’re coming from about movie theaters. Thanks for the input!

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@RedKnight Well that’s great to hear, I honestly didn’t think Korra would get that much after the debauchery that was Book 3. I’d have to agree though, book 3 has been the best by far. My fear however is that it’s been more “mature” something I like but Nick tends to shun.

Avatar moving away from Nick (maybe netflix exclusive) would be best IMO. I’d love to see a series on Wan.

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@El_Cadejo Totally agreed! I like the direction the series is going in and I really hope some other network picks it up.

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