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What activites can a single 37 year old do at a public swimming pool?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) August 4th, 2014

I just end up in the hot tub and siting down in the main pool and sitting in the hot tub. I don’t have anyone to talk to. Lane swimming is only at night 9pm – 10pm. Most everyone my age has children.

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I would swim back and forth.

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Go from 9:00 to 10:00 and swim laps.

Are there any water aerobic classes scheduled?

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Given your size, I would probably go to the deep end, motion the kiddies away, and fall sideways into the water. What a splash! Dive, grab a couple of feet, and repeat. When you tire of being the entertainment, go home, but expect a willing audience the next time.

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@ibstubro I don’t need to be on a predatory watch list.

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Just smile and wave boys….

Though it might be taken as creepy

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Damn, I hate to know what the sex offender laws are like in Canada if you can be labeled a predictor just from doing a belly flop in the pool.

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Ogle at the girls.

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Look for someone else just sitting alone in the pool and swim/wade near to them then try to start a conversation. ’

Lay around out on the chairs and get a tan. Asking if a chair is available may also be used as a lead in to conversation although many people tanning just want to lay quietly so be observant.

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I wouldn’t try to make conversation. People go to the pool alone if they want to be alone, for the most part. I’d be a little miffed if I went to the pool to swim (alone, as usual) and someone, man or woman, tried to make a conversation with me. It’s a pool, not a bar. Time and place for everything.

You should swim laps. Stay away from where the kids are (they are annoying to us lap swimmers) and just swim and back and forth and get some exercise.

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@seekingwolf I see your point but in the original question the OP states that he has no one to talk to.
I would say if someone is swimming laps that they probably don’t want to talk but someone sitting and watching might appreciate the opportunity.
The way I see it not everyone goes to the pool to be alone and there are many people, me included, who are shy and unlikely to start a conversation but are willing to be drawn into one given a small opening.
It is worth a shot. If the response is just a smile or a single syllable answer that is obviously a negative or even a neutral response then you drop the attempt; all you have wasted is a little time, But if you get a positive response and the person makes an attempt to converse then there are two people who are a little happier for a short time.

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You could try asking the pool staff if a couple of lanes could be put in place for the serious swimmers. You might then pass a few comments with people swimming alone like you. My pool has Public swim times and these have two lanes. At Family swim time there are no lanes.

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