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How has fantasy football changed in the last seven years?

Asked by simone54 (7581points) August 4th, 2014

I haven’t played in about seven seasons but I got asked to join one. I was pretty decent before, I never won but I’d usually place second or third. Anyway, has there been any major changes in general? Can someone help me out?

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Still the luck of the draw

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I guess I asked the wrong crowd.

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Yes, I am a fantasy football player myself.

* Wider accessibility to stats. It seems like there are increasingly more and more blogs and other sources that discuss draft strategy. The problem thus is not so much gathering information, as it is analyzing it and identifying which sources are most credible.

* Injury concerns becoming prevalent. Don’t have the numbers here, but seemed like to me that before, fewer players get put on the disabled list. Whether this is due to a macho “tough it out” attitude or to actual fewer injuries is unknown. Nowadays, players get injured easily. So, you need to look at past injury history of a player before drafting that player. e.g. Arian Foster seems to get injured often. You therefore need to think carefully before drafting him early.

* Wider availability of leagues. Pros: Can play for free, fun. Cons: Some free or low-cost leagues have “team owners” that don’t do anything, making it not challenging.

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