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Question about iTouch.

Asked by FallenShip (17points) July 7th, 2008 from iPhone

When you\\\‘re looking at your bookmarks on Safari, and you hit \\\“Edit\\\”, you get the option to create a new folder. What\\\‘s it for?

Clarified; what can you do with the folder?

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New folders for other bookmarks, for example:

Blogs could be a folder to hold all your blogs in that folder.
Music could be a folder to hold all your music websites in that folder.

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What do you mean? Nothing in there is linkable, it\‘s just plain text.

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You have to add bookmarks to the folder after you’ve created it, by going to a webpage and adding it as a bookmark, it will ask you which folder to store it in.

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Ok thank so much

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iTouch, does, not, exist.

iPod Touch

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I own an iPod touch, but I have yet to see this “iTouch” that you speak of.

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@fallenship, what is this iTouch of which you speak, does the same company make the iNano and the iClassic?

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I believe that was a gimmick that apple was going to start calling it the itouch, clearly it didn’t happen.

that link doesn’t work either.
some people may refer to it (wikipedia isn’t a reliable source) as an itouch, but there has been no official word from jobs himself calling it the itouch, or anyone in the apple department.

as for your question, it’s the same as bookmarks on your browser, you can set up different folders. For example, I have a camera folder where I have all of my camera links, rather than having a gagillion links to sort through on a list.
same concept.

On my ipod touch I have a lot of folders so that I can’t scroll on my first links, I have folders:
links- web apps folder, (my school) folder, weather folder, photography folder, LFS forum, wikipedia, Zinio iphone reader
news- everything that is on my RSS reader; engadget, here, lifehacker, slashfood etc.

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What////s wi//t/h all////////// the sla/s/h///es////?


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