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An idiot threaded my eyebrows horribly, will they ever grow back?

Asked by fuglyduckling (412points) August 5th, 2014

I waited 4 months for my eyebrows to grow. They got very thich and beautiful, and round natural shaped. I went to the hair dresser and the girl there made them much thinner and shapeless. Now my eyebrows are uneven, thin and misshaped. My worry is will they ever grow back again? I’ve been threading them for 7 years or so and my greatest feature is my eyes and thick eyebrows. Now they’re gone and they look common.

Will they grow back thick or will they not? Please help!

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They will. Give it time but they will. And they will grow back same as before. It takes many years of plucking or threading before they won’t come back, and you haven’t done that.

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Of course. It’s just an old wives tale that they don’t grow back.

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It sounded painful so I had to look up threading to find out what it was. Ugh.

Was the person who did it just learning the technique or an experienced plucker? Can you go in and complain to the shop owner, show her the results and maybe get a freebee for next time?
And next time, find the woman who has eyebrows the way you want them, ask who did hers then make an appointment with that person.

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You should always clarify how you want your eyebrows done before actually getting them done, or they’ll just have to assume how you want them. If I want to keep them thick I ask for a clean up. Can’t really blame them if you didn’t tell them what you wanted. But yes, they will grow back.

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Lily Collins, is that you?

Why wouldn’t they grow back? Of course they will.

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They should start growing back within a few weeks, no worries!

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