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Has anyone ever terrified you?

Asked by Mastema (968points) August 5th, 2014

How did that happen? At that very moment when you realized you were terrified, how did you react?

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My father. He was an alcoholic who could go into rages. I would hide anywhere I could.

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Only you but, that’s been long ago. I know who you truly are now so, I’m no longer running…

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Fear has been removed from our genetic make up about 10 billion years ago.

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My mom. I usually reacted by concentrating on not punching her.

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Sat on Santa’s knee as a kid & felt something hard on my buttock, dirty bastard.

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Mt father, His rages were legendary.

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Drivers on cell phones scare s**t out of me.

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Life and survival scare the loving daylights out of me!

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OH why heck yes! My father.

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My dominating friend who is an utter conformist and gets annoyed with anything different.

My reaction: gentle explanation, then breaking up.

I’m glad we’re no longer friends

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Yes, a neighborhood bully, he terrified me ever so often, mostly when I didn’t expect it, I was only 11yrs old when it day hid behind a broken fence cradling a 2×4, well as he walked by I released my built up frustration from his abuse, at the time I had no idea the 2×4 had rusty nails in it, I then ran home and told my Mother,I remember her being very proud of me for fighting back,and he never bothered me again. It made me feel 10 times taller than he was.

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My ex-husband. He never hit me, but he terrorized me. He would confuse me, manipulate my words, call me mean names in front of the kids, then tell the kids to call me those names too. We would get into fights and by the end he would have me so humiliated I would be at his feet crying for forgiveness and then he’d smile and make me have sex. Much more I could add.

He’s the one person on God’s green earth that I wish would drop dead.

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Some dude in the street assaulted me once, I stuck my fingernails in his face and then he let go of me and I ran off. That’s probably the most frightened I’ve ever been of someone, at least so far as outright ’‘on the spot’’ fear goes.

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An ex boyfriend had me on the floor with his hands around my neck. I struggled and tried to scream. He left bruises. My ex husband was out of his head a couple times, drunk, and chased me around the house, trying to scream abuse in my face. First time he knocked me around and I punched him in the jaw, second time he didn’t catch me because I ran out of the house to a neighbours. It was about 3am. Neighbour was just annoyed.

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@cazzie How horrible. And what a shitty neighbor.

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Let me think….......................nope.

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Just you and your Family.

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