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I discovered "electronic jazz" today and I think it's really interesting. Do you like any unusual sub-genres of music?

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Postmodern late 20th century minimalist classical music. Arvo Part, Phillip Glass (some of it), Anton Gorecki, etc.

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Pärt’s “Alina” on ECM is one of my desert island discs. I really dig what I have heard of Flying Lotus’ work too.

Uhm, “unusual” sub-genres…doom metal sunn 0))), Nadia, etc.

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I still like Oingo Boingo…

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For electro jazz I’d also check out Big Gigantic

I’ve recently fell in love with elecro swing
Tape Five
Caravan Palace
Electric Swing Orchestra

I’m also a huge fan of Postmodern Jukebox which is a cover band that does stuff in a swing style.

And now for some extremely unusual music. South African rap rave.

Die Antwoord (warning…these videos may offend some :P)

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@anniereborn has got me into 1940s swing and big band music. My favourites are Benny Goodman and Gene Krupa (often to be heard together – Krupa was the drummer).

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Monk chants are supercool, and Vietnamese love songs. You don’t think, just feel the music.

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