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What is the best way to make some quick cash?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) July 7th, 2008

I’m broke. I need to make some quick bucks. Is there some like doing surveys or something? Save the comedy for another thread.

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sell your body to medical research. First time in humans trials should pay well.

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Plasma bank, perhaps?

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Prostitution is the quick answer.

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@ Delirum Good Suggestion. I looked it into. I don’t think they pay you in Cali. Thanks though.

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Pawn your stuff?

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As a poor student abroad desperate for money, my friend worked in the hospital morgue while he was in Japan. He’d basically stay up all night doing nothing, and then occasionally there would be a dead body that’ll come in, and he had to hose the corpse down. Downright nasty job, but it paid really well.

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I’ve seriously considered selling eggs, but I’m not really physically fit enough, and I’m pretty sure they want only women in tip top shape to pass tip top genes to their offspring.

So if you’re not too out of shape (as I am), that’s an option.

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Also, I’m not trying to be a double question nazi, but there are some great suggestions here, and then at the bottom robmandu posted a link to another helpful post.

The best ideas imo were selling food door to door (donuts, in this case), and yard sale shopping to sell things on ebay.

This is a great question, btw!

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this all really depends on how much “quick cash” you need. using sites such as Elance and Tutor you can make relatively easy money since you get to work at home and be flexible so it could be a side job. also, selling things you don’t need anymore on eBay could give you quick money. Since you mentioned being broke, I would also recommend MTurking , the money per job isn’t usually much, but it’s also pretty simple work like doing small surveys etc. And if you devote 1–2 hours/day, you can easily earn at least 50$ i would think (of course, it depends what jobs you do). 50$/week might not sound that amazing, but you can earn it while listening to music, sitting in your pajamas and fluthering ;) . good luck!

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You can also go to a temp agency. They pay weekly. If you need faster and quicker go to Labor Ready or another daily labor place although the work tends to be hard and physical. It pays daily in cash.

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If you have a skill and are good with people, then offer your services to someone. It should be unique and something you do extremely well.

As an example, when I was young I did very simple tutoring for seniors on computers, offered to setup home networks, simple websites, etc. You’d be surprised at how much people value certain skills that you wouldn’t think are worth anything (i.e. teaching an instrument, even simple technical work, etc.)

It’s intimidating to start your ‘own business’ but really it’s not – you just need a cellphone, e-mail, a service, and clients. Find clients through Craigslist, pro bono work, and friends of friends (but not your immediate friends or family). Charge a rate that makes you want to work, remembering that you can always charge less but seldom charge more.

When you’re starting out, always say yes.

@susanc this advice applies to prostitution too!

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@monsoon selling eggs is a good idea to make alot of money, but it takes a long time before you actually get paid. You have to go through alot of exams, and a ton of paperwork, then wait until the person buying them is ready. It’s a very long process.

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yeah but xthousand dollars for that time might even out to be more worth it than making an extra 100 bucks a month on little side jobs.

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Unless I buy a chicken I cannot sells eggs.

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I only read scamp’s answer and got confused, like how hard is it to sell some chicken eggs?!

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I can understand your logic. If I were only going to read one post in a thread I would pick scamp over me too.

No joke.

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Aw shucks.. Thanks. I’m blushing!

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