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How do I save a You Tube video to disk?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (12790points) August 6th, 2014

A friend posted a real neat You Tube video, and I would like to save it on a disk but haven’t got the know how to do it.
In real simple instructions could someone tell me how to do that?

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And no it’s not copy righted ,and said I could if I want, but he nor I know how to do it.

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Take your pick with my Mac I mainly use safari, but have chrome as well, windows I bouce back and forth from IE to Chrome.

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Fifefox is probably the easiest since it is bundled up as a extension.

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There are a lot of sites that will convert a youtube video to an MP3, AVI, etc… From there it’s just burning as usual.

Type “convert youtube to MP3” in google. Pick a free one.

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I use the flashgot plugin. Works on almost every streaming site.
It also allows you to rip entire galleries from a page.

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If you can download it, youtubedownloader has worked pretty well for me. It can turn it into an avi, mp4, mp3, etc. file. There’s a lot to name. It’s free, but it gets updated a lot.

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Try either software programs like Freemake Video Downloader or Icecream Media Converter (it works with YouTube videos as well). Or go with ClipConverter or SaveFrom that are both online.

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