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Must I inform my closest friend my entire life is horrible?

Asked by Nuwy (4points) August 6th, 2014

I am 27 and my entire life is horrible. To summarize;

-Have zero self esteem
– and so I reside athome, Cannot find work in actually the absolute most routine of careers
– Have no buddies and no cultural existence.Have panic that is interpersonal and discover it challenging for connecting/speak with people.
-Never had a partner
-Shed enthusiasm for issues I love, diagonsed with depression

I actually do have my greatest friend for ten years, 1 buddy. While I reside a long way away in a rural region, he lives in Birmingham. In the end these decades he is stayed with me in contact, and I contemplate him the friend I endured, something which very few individuals might declare they’ve.

I’d like him to comprehend it’s not since I do not benefit him, although I have experienced connection with him less recently because of my melancholy getting worse.
I do want to inform him my entire life is, but concern doing this although how. I usually fear he’ll believe I am failing of the individual and never worth being buddies with anymore although I understand there’s probably no cause to doubt a buddy he’s.
Additionally, I actually don’t wish to lump some of my problems.

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Wait what the hell? Did you just completely answer yourself?

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@pleiades You already know what that means right?

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@Mimishu1995 Yes but I actually thought it was a great question before reading the spammed answer :(

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