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Ever signed a contract that you regretted signing immediately after?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20117points) August 7th, 2014

You went ahead and signed and then realized how wrong you had been. What did you do? Did you follow through until the end?

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Contracts can be rescinded in the first three days.

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@marinelife really? I tried to do that the very next day but was told it was not possible! Signed in the evening and contacted them the very next morning. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Document that you contacted them . New York has a 72 hour period during which either r party can back out. .

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Being the daughter of the world’s most conservative lawyer, never.

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Marriage contracts can’t be rescinded after 3 days without a major effort.

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@marine “Contracts can be rescinded in the first three days.”

Not all contracts. The three-day “cooling off” period applies only to very specific situations.

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Buyer’s Remorse, I’ve known thee well, documents of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy, I hath borne thee upon my back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is!

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I’m pretty sure that the three day buyers remorse clause is across all 50 states. I used it to get out of a gym membership once – I realized it was too far out of my way and I realistically would never wind up going there.

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Yes, many years ago—for an MGB. I had test-driven it a couple of times and thought I liked it, but as soon as I drove it off the lot I realized it was too small for me, and I wound up exchanging it for an MG… at a great loss of $$$.

Now that I think about it, I’ve regretted a number of car purchases over the years. :(

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When I was offered a job at my current place of work. I only went to the interview for practise, I didn’t really want this particular job (but I felt I had no other option at the time), I fully expected to hate every minute of it and be completely rubbish at it. When I signed the contract I did so only knowing that I could hand in my notice as soon as I found something better. (Apparently my lack of enthusiasm didn’t show in the interview, or else the recruiters were as desperate as I was).

After two weeks I realised I was completely wrong about all of the above. Twelve years on I’m still there.

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Never. I never sign any contract unless I have thought about it for weeks. I don’t jump into anything. It took me years to make the decision if I really needed a cell phone.

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@heartkat “I’m pretty sure that the three day buyers remorse clause is across all 50 states.”

Yes, and specific states can be more generous. For example, someone might have 5 or 10 “buyer’s remorse” days in certain states. But, as I emphasize again, the “cooling off” rules apply only to a limited range of specific transactions. Someone can’t simply sign any and every contract and expect to back out.

As @elbanditoroso points out, marriage contracts are rather difficult to end! And, annulment is very different from breaking a contract. An annulled marriage means that the contract hadn’t been valid and, thus, that the marriage never existed.

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