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What's a good quality disposable camera?

Asked by pumahawk (42points) July 8th, 2008

i’m going to buy quite a few soon for the sake of having lots of picture for a shoebox version of a scrapbook. :p i’m looking for something that i’ll be able to have developed at a fred meyer or walgreen for cheap, but produces that slightly stained and dated picture look, and will hold up to somewhat rugged use. the faded picture look isn’t necessary, but kinda desired. THANKS. :D

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If you’re going for an old fashion look, you don’t want a “good quality” disposable camera. You want the cheapest thing they have that will create focal shifts and bleed light/color to achieve your desired effect.

As far as your scrapbook goes. Make sure to order matte prints. The glossy paper will kill the look you’re going for.

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The price of disposable digital cameras has come down quite a bit. That would allow you to manipulate the prints yourself to achieve your desired effect.

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while not disposable, and not completely accessable, a Holga seems right down your ally. Its a $20 investment. And expired 120 film is down right cheap on ebay in lots of 10. Youll get interesting shots everytime. Lots of light leaks, some double exposure fun, and awesome medium format negatives (3×3” prints would be nice for the scrap book, eh?)

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