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Which do you notice more, a bad tint job (which includes a poorly maintained tint job), or a bad weave job?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) August 8th, 2014

For me, not that others see it the same way, a bad weave job sticks out more like a fly on the mayonnaise than a bad or poorly maintained tint job. If a weave serves as ornamentation of real hair or hair style it works for me. If it acts or appears as if it is supposed to be real hair on the wearer’s hair, it doesn’t work, neither as ornamentation or real hair. A bad tint job looks like just that, hair that one tried to change the color of but failed and you know it is not and was never their color, but it seems I can convince myself more that it is their color (in spite of the mismatched roots). For you personally, which sticks out or is more noticeable out of a bad weave job or a bad tint job.

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I notice bad weaves more often than bad tints. A bad tint is “meh” but a bad weave is “omg put a hat on!”

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If it’s noticed, it’s bad.

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