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Help! I'm partially choking on a (frank) hot dog rind can you help me?

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) August 8th, 2014

It is stuck in the wrong tube. I have been vomiting to no avail. I drank hot water and I just throw it up. No it is not one that I purchased from Costco, It came from meals on wheels. I peeled them as best as I could.

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O.k. it’s gone now… what should I do in the future? When I choke on a Bavarian casing.

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Next time, bend over so your upper body is horizontal, gently breathe in until your lungs fill with air, then cough all the air out at once. That should kick out any hot dog pieces. Make sure you are near people who might be able to help, if that does not work.

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@RocketGuy Thank you… but I live alone.

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I’m glad you are okay. Try cutting them into smaller pieces, knife and fork.

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Swallow a piece of bread, that usually takes whatever is stuck there down with it.

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It’s good to know you can perform the Heimlich Maneuver on yourself if you have to. Anything you can bend over waist high, like a chair or counter is ideal. If not then your own fist will work. There are many sources online on how to properly do this.

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